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This Timeline explores the fate of the world, which over the course of the 19th century was irreversibly altered by a single act of bravery by a rising star of the Royal Navy, then youngster Captain Horatio Nelson, observing the eternal arch-enemies, the British Empire and the United States respectively, being embroiled in a series of gruelsome conflicts [ American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Anglo-American War of 1842 ] over their territorial disputes, in their seemingly perpetual rivalry, unable to recognize that they had been paving the way for German ascendancy over the entire globe.

An Entirely Different World

This TL is mostly focused on the changes that transpired during the 19th and 20th century such as a complete rearrangement of the balance of power in Europe in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War and will explore the possibility of the rise of the CSA across the sea at the same era during the American Civil War by allied (Anglo-French) intervention on the side of the CSA after an ATL victory in an earlier Battle of Gettysburg. As a prelude to the American Civil War we shall explore the 1842 conflict between the British Empire and the US over disputed territories such as Maine, Northeastern Minnesota, Red River Concession and Oregon Territory after some incidents and a complete breakdown of talks between the two rival powers after failure to settle the issue at the Webster–Ashburton Treaty negotiations. This marked the fate of the United States on the longterm. Sum up TBA.

Point of Divergence



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