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Type 5 infected crossing a bridge to attack uninfected

In 2009, the H1N1 virus struck and caused a pandemic. In August 10, 2010, the pandemic was declared to be over in OT, but in this timeline, the H1N1 only mutated and caused more casualties as it mutated into five types.

  • Type 1: people suffered common symptoms of the flu and H1N1. Out of all the types, Type 1 was the most rarest as the H1N1 had mutated into several types. Only 764 out of 10,000 people were infected according to statistics.
  • Type 2: infected suffer unbearable headaches, high fevers, internal pain across the body, and skin irritation. Type 2 was the most common infection that spread around the world as six out of ten people were infected with Type 2.
  • Type 3: the infectee begins to suffer diarrhea, starts to throw up large amounts of blood, very high fevers. If not treated, the infectee's skin starts to deteriorate in small or large amounts depending the infectee's body resistance against it.
  • Type 4: infectee's brain function lowers at a significant rate, eyes blacken, the infectee begins to have cannibalistic cravings and starts to lose the reason to negotiate.
  • Type 5: infectee's Brain function is at an all time low, they have completely lost the ability to reason and have been reduced to an animalistic nature, then the infectee's cannibalistic craving becomes high and starts to feast on whatever flesh they can get from animals to humans. Out of Types 4 and 5, they were both very hard to tell differences as both were very similar as the only way to identify was if the infectee was still had the ability to reason as this was very hard due to panicking. Both Type 4 and 5 were to be known as the "Zombie virus" due to the infectee having characteristics of a Zombie.


Zombie News Zombie

Zombie News Zombie

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