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HIMS Avon underway in the Indian Ocean.
Naval Ensign of Cygnia Cygnia
Name HIMS Avon
Namesake State of Avon
Ordered 14 June 1940
Builder Evans Deakin and Company, Brisbane
Launched 7 December 1943
Commission 16 April 1944–1 July 1948
3 March 1951–30 September 1991
Struck 17 March 2006
Motto Forward for Freedom
Nickname(s) "Vonny"
General characteristics
Class Avon-class battleship
Displacement 47,000 tonnes
Length 270.4 m
Beam 33.0 m
Speed 30 kn
Complement 1,921 officers and men

HIMS Avon (BB-63) is the lead ship of the Avon-class battleships, and is the second ship of the Cygnian Imperial Navy to be named in honour of the Cygnian state of Avon. She was built by Evans Deakin and Company in Brisbane and launched on 7 December 1943.

During her career, Avon served in the Pacific Theatre of World War III, where she shelled Japanese fortifications and screened Cygnian aircraft carriers as they conducted air raids against enemy positions. During the Japanese War, Avon shelled North Japanese targets in support of South Japanese ground operations. She also participated in the Gulf War from 1981 to 1985. Prince William, Duke of Bunbury, notably served on Avon during this time.

Avon was last decommissioned in September 1991, having earned a total of six battle stars for service in World War III and Japan, as well as a Navy Unit Commendation for service during the Gulf War. She currently functions as a museum ship operated by the Avon Maritime Centre in Charlotte. Avon was struck from the Naval Vessel Registry on 17 March 2006, and as of 14 December 2009, has been donated for permanent use as a museum ship. On 15 April 2010, the City of Charlotte officially took over ownership of the vessel.

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