Haakon II Sigurdsson
Earl of Lade
Reign 961 - 995
Predecessor Sigurd Haakonsson
Successor Eirik Haakonsson
King of Hordaland
Reign 961 - 1000
Predecessor Harald II Greycloak
Successor Sveinn I Haakonsson
Born c. 937
Died 1000
Issue Eirik Haakonsson

Sveinn I Haakonsson
Aud Haakonsdottir
Bergljót Haakonsdottir
Sigrid Haakonsdottir
Sigurd Haakonsson
Ragnhild Haakonsdottir
Erling Haakonsson
Erland Haakonsson
Hemming Haakonsson
Ramvieg Haakonsdottir

Full name
Haakon Sigurdsson
House Lade
Father Sigurd Haakonsson
Mother Bergljót Toresdatter

Haakon I Sigurdsson was the first of the Ladish kings of Hordaland who governed the kingdom on behalf of their neighbours.

Becoming Earl of Lade in 961 following his father's death at the hands of Harald II Greycloak Haakon would spend his early reign in opposition to Harald, eventually having to flee to Denmark for safety. There he conspired with Harald I Bluetooth to unseat Harald Greycloak pledging fealty to him as a vassal. In 970 Haakon duly tricked Harald into coming to Denmark whereupon he was set upon and killed.

Haakon would be restored to his earldom of Lade, reasserting its independence and while Viken was taken directly by Harald Bluetooth, Hordaland was given as fief to Haakon. Harald repeatedly tried to convert Haakon to Christianity but he remained stubbornly pagan and refused to allow clergy on to his ships.

He continued to pay fealty to Harald though, up until 973 when a failed attempt by Denmark to free it of German influence failed in the face of Emperor Otto II's forces. Afterwards Haakon paid no further taxes to Denmark and doubled-down on his rejection of Christianity. Instead of forays southwards he was involved in the politics of the Kievan Rus' and his viking warriors were used to reclaim Vladimir I of Kiev's throne.

In 995 he would be forced to divide up his holdings with his eldest son Eirik taking Lade. Hordaland was under pressure from Olaf II's Viken and Haakon kept this land until his death in 1000 at the Battle of Svolder, whereupon it was taken by his second son Sveinn.

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