Alternative History
Hala Hussein

أسماء الأسد

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Vice-Consul of New Persia

Assumed office October 13, 2008

Personal details
Born (1975-08-11) Hala Hussein 1972 (age 40)Baghdad, Iraq
Nationality New Persia (Formerly Iraqi and Qatari)
Spouse(s) Jamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan(Deceased)
Relations Saddam Hussein(Father) Qusay Hussein (Half-Brother) Mesut Torun(Nephew)

Nemico Della (Adopted) (b.1994) Saja Sultan (b.1999) Shiaf Sultan (b.2002)

Alma Mater University of Adelaide

Hala Saddam Hussein is the Vice-Consul of the newly formed nation of New Persia and the Aunt of Consul Mesut Torun, she si a key player in the Middle-Eastern Women's revolution. She is the daughter of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. She is the first woman to be elected a position as high as of this and the first woman to actively serve in a war fought by Arab soldiers. It was during the Second Iraq War that she led several female diplomats to the United Nations regarding New Persia sovereignty and she herself appointed Syrian first lady Asma al-assad in Torun's administration,


Hala Hussein was born as the third daughter of the former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein and his first wife Sajida Talfah. Hala was said to be Saddam's favorite daughter. Very little firm information is known about her as her father never permitted any photographs or records of her to be published, and whatever records that remained of her were ordered to be destroyed when American troops were reaching Baghdad in 2003. Her father sent her to live with her maternal grandfather for her safety, due to the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq World and the Iraq-Syria War. She despised her older brother Uday because he often raised his voice to his mother and frightened young Hala. Saddam arranged for her to marr General Jamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan in 1998. The couple have two children.

In 2003, when United States President George W. Bush ordered the Hussein family to leave Iraq within 48 hours, Hala and her sisters, as well as her mother, fled Iraq. Although her sisters went to Jordan, where they were granted asylum, Hala fled to Qatar with her mother, Sajida. Her husband surrendered to Coalition Forces in Baghdad on 17 May 2003.

Exile in Qatar and Second Iraq War

In the 2003 invasion of the Iraqi Empire, Hala had no choice but to flee to Qatar with her mother. He husband was captured by coalition forces and was re-assigned to combat forces in Kuwait. In Qatar, she sought to divorce her husband but was incapapble under the circumstances in the government.

Following the Zionist invasion of Jordan in 2004. Hala's sisters were executed under unjurisdicable crimes. Hala's children were sent to children's boarding schools in Socotra. Grief stricten, she attempted to return to Baghdad to negotiate a treaty with American forces, She was successful, but following America's reenterance in Iraq and Lebanon, she fled to Syria to reside in the home of President Bashar al-Assad. Three months later, when Iraq was on the brink of Civil War. She met her nephew ,Mesut Torun, in a conferance in Istanbul, her had ambitions to lead the MIddle east through a crippling civil war and eventually reunite countries under it. She was also under the stage of equal rights for woman population. Following her husband's death on September 3rd, 2006 leading troops against the Syrian armed forces, she returned to Iraq with Mesut as a political leader, even reading her own speeches.