Welcome to the Halloween Map Game. It is the late 19th Century; the time of Victorian England. The Spanish-American War is less than a year away. Yet there is a feeling of darkness among the world. The POD occurs in 1897; The Conclave of the Clans occurs following the discovery of the infamous Dracula. The Vampires that agree wage war on the humans, quickly taking the northern nations such as Russia and Britain. Recently, the werewolves have joined the fight. It's Werewolves vs. Vampires ... with humans in the middle.

Conclave of the Mods


  • Be plausible
  • No Twilight Vampires. Offenders to this rule will be banned from any map game I make ever.
  • Stay within the lore I post on the talk page.
  • Don't ignore algorithms
  • Vampirism and Lycanthropy is not curable.
  • Please add whatever clan, tribe or nation you want within reason.



Add as appropriate. Feel free to make up a nation.

Vampire Clans

Transylvanian Clan- OPEN. A clan once led by the infamous Dracula. With the death of its leader, the Transylvania Clan has been shaken to the core. Change is being conducted in the Transylvanian Clan, though many issues are up for debate. Will it continue its dictatorship as a new 'Dracula' arrives or will it follow the path of democracy practiced by the other clans?

  • Pros: Lives in Good Climate; Respected; Feared
  • Cons: Many secret enemies; running out of blood

British Clan- CrimsonAssassin (talk) 14:24, October 16, 2012 (UTC). When the war began, Britain was taken by storm. Vampires marched through Scotland and into England. Before long, London was under siege. Queen Victoria was slain by the head vampire in Britain; a vicious man known as The King. Now with Britain and Ireland under his control, The King is looking to create the British Empire again ... in vampire form.

  • Pros: Lives in Great Climate; High Numbers; Respected
  • Cons: Hated by Humans; running out of blood

The Nordic Clans- OPEN. The Vampires in Scandinavia have always been quietly plotting the demise of the humans. Led by the stoic Olaf the Leech, the Nordic Clans have existed since the days of the Vikings.

  • Pros: Lives in Great Climate; Respected Leader
  • Cons: Running out of blood; dissent among members.

Russian Clans - (Are we allowed to create new clans? If not I take the Nordic clans.) IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Hasta la vista, baby. (I'll be back.) 02:33, October 17, 2012 (UTC) The vampires in Russia come from Ivan the Terrible, but are now led by a rebellious young vampire Sergeyov, who plans to proclaim himself Tsar of Russia, and to conquer parts of Asia, the Americas, and Europe, as well as to colonize Africa-all with vampires.

Werewolf Packs

Frontier Packs- Settlers came to the Frontier long ago, only to be transformed into werewolves by a Lycanthrope tribe of Native Americans. The Frontier pack is a closely-knit pack of werewolves. While their loyalty is questionable, they believe in the American way.

  • Pros: Survival Skills; Hiding
  • Cons: May be discovered at any time; Almost too loyal to one another.
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