Alexander Arrives

After the invasion of Japan, While expanding his empire through the mountains of Asia, he had founded Manchuria, and Korea. These lands were part of the Han Dynasty, of the Alexandrians were moving in, and soon, Manchuria and Korea had been conquered in their empire. Han emperor Zu Tian fought them in savage wars.

The Huang He War

Alexander's First War with the Chinese

Alexander reached a part of the Huang He valley. As he arrived, his men stole food supplies and burned many farms. Livestock and loot if they could find was taken. Zu Tian herd this savage event, and started to have war on them.

The Battle of Xi'an

Alexander marched into this city to siege it. Zu Tian sent an army to destroy the siege. Alexander had used catapults 10 meters high, enough to land on the top of the wall to destroy soldiers. Alexander never knew about some secret and powerful weapons the Chinese had. Later, Alexander had soldiers digging underground to make walls collapse. Alexander had a ram later, attacking the bottom part of the wall, then collapsed easily.

After 100 years of Chinese rule, Alexander claimed it to his own.

The Battle of Langdong

Langdong was a city that supplied the empire with salt, minerals, food, medicine, and yes, soldiers. Alexander marched to Langdong and had sieged the city for a month. Zu Tian had sent soldiers behind, Alexander's army. However, reinforcements from Greece battled with them. Soon, the Chinese were defeated. Langdong later caught on fire, destroying the city as well. Soon, Alexander rebuilt it and made it a base to go north. But as a mistake, he headed southeast.

The Battle of Rensing

Alexander's army reached this fortified city a day later. This fort-city had a hundred firework shooters as their secret weapon. Alexander knew this because he sent out spies. He soon created that weapon that looked cannon-liked. Soon, with the help of it, he then captured the city.

The Battle of Chang'an

Alexander and his armies reached to Chang'an a month later. However, this capital, where Zu Tian is, he had fled to Luoyang, and ordered his people to make Manchuria and Korea separate kingdoms.

Alexander went into the city later without a fight. As so, his men later headed Northeast.

The Battle of the Great Wall of China

Alexander was ready to invade Manchuria and Korea. One obstacle, the Great Wall of China, prevented him to. Alexander laid siege to the wall. He shot out firework bombs that damaged the wall. Torches were thrown on the Alexandrian soldiers. Soon, in this battle, Zu Tian, was killed.the Great wall of China collapsed later and was bought down as he claimed land around it (except eastern part). With Zu Tian dead, his son, Han Shang, became emperor, and built a wall 4 times thicker than the wall of China that guarded the remaining Chinese land.

Manchuria and Korea are Next

Manchuria and Korea got independence, but had to fight with the Alexandrians. However, they were weak and finally gave up. This was the last war of Alexander, his army later went home exhausted.

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