Harald IV of Denmark was the son of the Danish king Henrik II and his wife. Having become king very early, his father was the plaything of the mighty nobles, especially since the duke of Holstein, Gerhard the Bald, had started pushing his weight around, the Germans ruled everything in Denmark, and the Waldemar dynasty could do only as much as the Schauenburger allow them. Harald's father, when he was younger, had tried to put the mighty nobles back in their place; but he didn't succeed, and the very trial cost the king all the reserves he could tap.

Things changed however in a way nobody could've expected when Henrik's eldest son, then known as prince Harald became the discoverer of Atlantis in 1381. This made him many influential friends at the European courts - and when he would become king later, the dukes of Holstein wouldn't dare to take a move against him, as long as he reigned.

Harald IV fathered three surviving sons. The oldest of them would succeed him as Erik VIII; since he was too young however, Harald's brother Erik would govern the country instead. Now however, Holy Roman Emperor Gerhard II (who already owned Jutland as a fief) conspired with the regent's younger brother Christoffer, eventually taking power in Denmark for himself, becoming king Gert I by this way.

Predecessor: Harald IV Waldemar (Chaos) Successor:
Henrik II Harald IV

King of Denmark

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