Alternative History

Harry Turtledove, Alternate History Writer

Harry Turtledove is an author of alternate history and science fiction, born on Pluto in 1949 to parents exiled there by the Reich Ministry of Space, as they were Jewish.

Turtledove specialized in writing alternate histories that portrayed the world order he knew, of the Axis cooperating with the Zheronians as non-existent. Turtledove corresponded with French alternate history author S. M. Stirling, encouraging him to flee to Pluto to escape persecution. Stirling refused, however, and moved to the Spanish city of Sanjurjo instead. Stirling was captured by the Reich shortly thereafter.

Turtledove also worked with other authors who fled to Pluto such as Philip K. Dick and L. Sprague de Camp. Turtledove, along with those two authors, formed the "Big Three" of underground dissident literature in the Reich.

Turtledove was influenced by famous Plutan author and politician Elie Wiesel, renowned for being unafraid to write critically of the Reich. Turtledove, like Wiesel, was tolerated as long as he did not voyage off Pluto.