Alternative History
This article is part of the 1812 closure alternate universe.

With the war going badly for the USA and the trade embargo having nearly ruined the local economy, New England politicians (all of them from the Federalist Party) met up in what became known as the Hartford Convention. Although a large number of delegates wanted outright secession from the USA, the more moderate manage to pass a resolution that would allow one last chance to the federal government.

To this end, the convention sent out envoys to put to the government a certain number of demands, namely:

  • No trade embargo would be allowed to last more then 60 days.
  • A 2/3 congressional majority would be needed for a declaration of war, admission of new states, or trade embargo.
  • The federal tax payment to be revised (to the detriment of the southern states)
  • Future Presidents to be limited to one term.
  • Future Presidents could not be chosen from the same state as his predecessor (all but one President until then had been Virginian)

In case of rejection of some or all the demands, the convention was to meet again and vote on secession.