Harvey Phillip Longue
Longue making his famous gesture when speaking to a crowd in Calais during his Presidential campaign in 1931
Born August 30, 1893
Marseille, France
Died June 10th, 1936
Paris, France
Title President of the French Republic
Term 1932-1936

Harvey Phillip Longue was the last acting President of France before the fascists took control. He was more of a demagogue of the popular Front Party. Scarcely a conservative, he was hated by many on the right in the Action Française and National Parties. Longue tried his best to solve the Global Depression which had been sparked in 1929 following a failure for a sum of cash crops in German Congo to be paid. Longue's presidency was rattled by revolutions, strikes, portests, and even a revolt in Algeria. Preisdent Longue was killed in a military coup by fascist members of the military and replaced by Jacques Doriot as President who turned France into a fascist dictatorship.

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