Alternative History
Kingdom of Hawai'i
Official Language Fuximian
Capital Hilo
Land Area 10,458 km²
Currency Fuximian Momme (Mome)

The Kingdom of Hawai'i is the largest kingdom, in terms of area, in the United Kingdoms of the Fuximi Islands, containing roughly 63% of its area. The island was (re-)unified in 1795 by King Kamehameha I, previously king of North Hawai'i.

Kamehameha I believed that he was destined to be the great unifying king prophecied in ancient legends. In 1795, he set out with a massive war fleet against the nearby island of Maui, which he easily captured along with Moloka'i and Laana'i. He then landed his troops on O'ahu, the most populous of the islands. His invasion failed. A second attempt the next year likewise failed. Kamehameha sought assistance from Japan, who declared that they had no desire to interfere in local politics. Kamehameha reluctantly accepted the limitation of his kingdom to the islands of Hawai'i, Maui, Moloka'i and Laana'i.

After Kamehameha's death, in 1819, the islands of Maui, Moloka'i and Laana'i broke away, choosing their own King.

In 1903, King Kamehameha VI died without heir, ending the Kamehameha dynasy.

List of Kings and Queens from Reunification

House of Kamehameha

  • 1795-1819 Kamehameha I (Also King of Maui)
  • 1819-1824 Kamehameha II
  • 1819-1854 Kamehameha III
  • 1854-1863 Kamehameha IV
  • 1863-1872 Kamehameha V
  • 1872-1903 Kamehameha VI