Commonwealth of Hawaii
Aupuni Makaʻāinana o Hawaii
Timeline: Emancipation (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Hawaii, the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Johnston Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, the Tuamotus, and the Windward Society Islands
Flag of Hawaii 1868 — present
Kanaka Maoli flag.svg Royal Coat of Arms of Hawaii.svg
Coat of arms
He Mele Lāhui Hawaiʻi
Provinces of Hawaii Eman.png
Map of the Kingdom of Hawaii (outer islands and Tuamotus not shown), 1878.
Official languages English
Regional Languages Hawaiian
Government Constitutional monarchy
 -  Prime Minister David Kalākaua
 -  Monarch Queen Ka'ahumanu IV
 -  Legislature Parliament
 -  Renamed 1868 
Currency Hawaiian dollar
Drives on the Right
The Commonwealth of Hawaii, commonly referred to simply as Hawaii, is a constitutional monarchy in the North Pacific Ocean. The flag was changed back to the Kanaka Maoli flag in 1866. It was formerly named the Kingdom of Hawaii, but was renamed to the Commonwealth of Hawaii in mid-1868. As of 1875, it is one of four members of the Honolulu Pact.

Foreign Relations

  • Wary:
    • The Netherlands
    • France
  • Friendly:
    • Brittania
    • Westralia
  • Allies:
    • Argentina
    • Honolulu Pact Members:
      • Bora Bora (also official ally)
      • Fiji
      • Samoa


The government of the Commonwealth of Hawaii follows a democratic system, with similarities to both the systems of the United Kingdom and United States. The main person heading the nation and Parliament is the Prime Minister. In the Parliament, there are numerous delegates representing each province, and the monarch represents the monarchy.

Conquest of Tahiti

Hawaii invaded the Kingdom of Tahiti, but a ceasefire commenced after two failed invasions. When the invasion resumed in 1864, Tahiti was conquered and annexed by mid-1868. It was renamed the Province of 'Alihikaua, and in an agreement with France was granted autonomy.

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