Hawaii (Rebellion of 61)

Kingdom of Hawaii
Official language Hawaiian
Other languages Japanese
Capital Honolulu
King Kawananakoa IV
Kuhina Nui Kaahumanu VII
Currency Hawaiian Dollar

A kingdom in the Pacific Ocean. It was closely allied with Japan during the early and middle Cold War, but later became more of a neutral nation, and was the site of the historic Japan-American Peace Conference. The Kingdom of Hawaii became a British protectorate in the early 20th century, and a Japanese protectorate after the First European War.

The head of state is the king (or queen), while the head of government is the Kuhina Nui (Prime Minister).

Today, Hawaii serves as a kind of middle ground between the two remaining Superpowers, and is frequently the site of diplomatic meetings. Its tropical beauty does not hinder this choice.

Kings and Queens of Hawaii

(Italicized kings are the same as *here*)

  • 1795-1819 Kamehameha I
  • 1819-1824 Kamehameha II
  • 1824-1854 Kamehameha III
  • 1854-1863 Kamehameha IV
  • 1863-1872 Kamehameha V
  • 1872-1874 Lunalilo
  • 1874-1891 Kalākaua
  • 1891-1917 Queen Lili'uokalani
  • 1917-1953 Kawananakoa I
  • 1953-1961 Queen Kawananakoa II
  • 1961-1997 Kawananakoa III
  • 1997- Kawananakoa IV
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