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Hayam Wuruk
Maharaja Sri Rajasanagara Hayam Wuruk
Timeline: Great Empires

Maharaja Sri Rajasanagara Hayam Wuruk
Portrait of Hayam Wuruk

Emperor of the Majapahit Empire
1350 – 1389

Predecessor Tribhuwana Wijayatunggadewi
Successor Wikramawardhana
Born 1334
Trowulan Majapahit
Died 1389 (aged 55)
Spouse Paduka Sori
Dara Petak
Narasa Dewi
Father Cakradhara
Mother Tribhuwana
Issue Kusamawardhani
Religion Hinduism

The people are like seas, they can be calm, but sometimes they are angry and go crazy.

~ Hayam Wuruk

Hayam Wuruk (Regnal name: Rajasanagara) was the emperor of the Majapahit Empire and is considered to be one the greatest or possibly the greatest rulers of Indonesia.


Early life

Hayam Wuruk was born as the son of Empress Tribhuwana and Cakradhara in 1334 in Trowulan Majapahit. He was educated in history, the arts, politics and martial arts. Both Pararaton and Nagarakretagama praised Hayam Wuruk as a handsome, bright, talented, and exceptional student in courtly martial art of archery and fencing, also mastering politics scriptures, as well as arts and music. He was known as an accomplished ceremonial dancer in the court. Some accounts report about Hayam Wuruk performances in a traditional ceremonial Javanese mask dance. His mother, Empress Tribhuwana educated and groomed him to become the next monarch of Majapahit.


In 1350 Tribhuwana was forced to abdicate because Hayam Wuruk reached the age of majority. Hayam Wuruk was crowned Emperor of the Majapahit Empire in 1350 at the age of 16.He proved to be a firm ruler by expanding the empire to its greatest extent. He conquered all of Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Sulewesi and the Indonesian archipelago. At its height the empire spanned from Sumatra to New Guinea and Luzon. In total of more than two million km2. And with a population of 50 million it housed 8.33 percent of the world population. Trowulan housed more then one million people and became a centre of trade and culture.


Hayam Wuruk died in 1389, seriously ill, he was 55.


Hayam Wuruk is credited for bringing Nusantara to its golden age. He built many Hindu temples and monuments and was religiously tolerant. He improved the life of the normal citizens by building many civil buildings and improving the infrastructure. After his death many of his children fought for the throne, which resulted in a temporary decline for the empire. Today he is a venerated person in the empire.


  • Hayam Wuruk loved playing chess,he loved to dance and engage in duels of Pencak Silat.
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