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Heinrich Himmler
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Heinrich Himmler
Portrait of Heinrich Himmler

Born October 7, 1900
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Died May 23, 1977
Profession Businessman, Restaurateur, Chicken Farmer.

Heinrich 'Captain' Himmler (born Oct. 7, 1900) was the founder of, perhaps the most famous and well-known restaurant, 'Himmler's', a Fast food Restaurant, specializing in chicken dishes.

During the 1930s, After serving his tour of duty in the Imperial German army, Himmler began raising chickens. One day he was struck with the Idea of a restaurant, but put his idea on hold to support the German war effort during the World War. After the war, he put his plan into motion, setting up a small restaurant in his hometown of Munich.

When the Restaurant proved to be popular, he began to expand, making more restaurants, as well as promote it, by dressing in a stereotypical German Uniform and calling himself 'Captain Himmler'.

By the time he had died, Himmler's had become an enormous success, with over 1000 restaurants in Germany, and more appearing in Austria, the Ottoman Empire, Roman Republic, and the CSA. Himmlers is now a world renowned restaurant, only rivaled by Dahmer's, Subway, Good Eats, Dylan's Down Home Cookin' and Speedee's.