Hejaz (Fidem Pacis)

Kingdom of the Hejaz and Yemen
مملكة الحجاز واليمن
Timeline: Fidem Pacis

OTL equivalent: Western Saudi Arabia, Yemen
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Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Medina, Jeddah, Aden, Amman, Sana'a, Tabuk
Language Arabic
Religion Islam
Government Constitutional monarchy
King Abdullah III
Prime Minister Mohammed Basindawa

The Kingdom of the Hejaz and Yemen (Arabic: مملكة الحجاز واليمن) is a sovereign state located in the western and southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Its capital is Mecca, to which up to five million Muslims travel every year on the Hajj pilgrimage. Despite containing several important holy sites, and despite the strict religious conservatism of its neighbour in Nejd, Hejaz is counted as one of the most open and tolerant countries in the Middle East.

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