Alternative History


The POD for this history is the death of Henry I of England almost immediately after his coronation. The death of the last son of William I, the Conqueror, in December 1135 opens the door for the Counts of Champagne and the Scottish House of Canmore to lay claim to the throne of England. A succession crisis in 1201 allows the Scottish House of Canmore to expand from Northumbria over all England for almost a century. The Anglo-Scottish succession crisis of 1290 allows the Franco-Navarrese line to conquer England. Scotland never recovers England. In 1328, France and Navarre-England part ways until 1589. The last monarchs of Navarre and England are Joan III of Navarre and England, a staunch Calvinist. and Henry III of Navarre and VII of England, better known as Henry IV of France, who said "Paris is well worth a Mass".

From 1589 to 1795, France and England are united, but Navarre is absorbed into France. After a brief reign of a Queen in England alone, in 1884 England acquires a king from the House of Bourbon-Parma and in 1919 an association with Luxemburg.


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