Alternative History
Henry IX of England
Timeline: Hapsburg's Unite

King of England and Ireland
October 19, 1564 - August 4, 1613

Predecessor Mary I
Successor Elizabeth I
Born April 21, 1555
St. James's Palace, St James's
Died August 4, 1613

Henry IX (October 19, 1564 - August 4, 1613) became King of England and Ireland on October 19, 1564 and was formally crowned on February 2, 1565 at the age of 9. Henry's mother was Mary I of England, and his father was Philip II of Spain. Henry was the fifth Tudor monarch to be crowned King of England and Ireland, though his Royal House was officially 'Hapsburg-Tudor' he disliked his father and so only ever claimed to be a Tudor, not a Hapsburg.

After Queen Mary died Henry inherited the English throne at the age of 9. King Philip II of Spain acted as his regent and brought England into the Italian Wars, this led to the loss of Calais, the last piece of British territory in France. Henry grew up to detest his father, after he learned fully of what the loss of Calais meant and what Philip had said about his mother he and Philip had constant arguments.


Early Years[]

After King Philip II of Spain stopped being Henry's regent Henry set about having Monastery's re-created. Though he initiated laws granting more religious freedom for Protestants. In 1568 Henry married his cousin, Elisabeth of Austria at the ages of 13.

Anglo-Scots War[]

In 1575 Henry declared war on Scotland, whose King at the time was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots. He declared war for Mary who wished to rule over her kingdom again, and also to bring her son up as a catholic. The war lasted for some 7 years, with England being backed by Portugal and Scotland backed by France. After 7 years of fighting England had managed to conquer some of the lowlands (up to Duns to Ayr.) Also the English peace treaty forced Mary I of Scotland to become the Monarch of Scotland.

Settlement in America[]

In 1581 Henry IX paid for an exploration of the region of America (OTL South Carolina,) an explorer by the name of Francis Throckmorton. The settlement was on 'Myrtle Beach' and Francis sent Richard Grenville along with over 150 settlers to colonize the area. They encountered local tribe, the Waccamaws. At first the two groups got on, but the natives soon caught the settlers' diseases and had to literally fight to survive, but in the end it was futile. The tribe was soon decimated through disease and a minor war. The settlers soon spread and, despite being rife with hunger and lack of resources, managed to survive. This would later become the Colony of Henricus, named after Henry IX.


In November, 1568 Henry married his cousin Elisabeth of Austria. Five years later Elisabeth became pregnant by Henry at the ages of 18, the child being born in October 1565, the next year the couple had a child, who Henry named after his recently deceased aunt, Elizabeth. This was the only child the couple had as a year later Elisabeth died of smallpox. After her death Henry never wed again and ruled until he died looking after his daughter, although in 1568 Mary, Queen of Scots went to England and actually helped Henry look after Elizabeth.

Name Birth Marriage Death
Elizabeth I October 17, 1585 John IV of Portugal January 1, 1637

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