Henry VIII of England and Ireland
Timeline: Tudor Line

Portrait of Henry VIII of England and Ireland

King of England and Ireland
21 April 1509 - 12 July 1542

Predecessor Henry VII
Successor Henry IX

Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall
2 April 1502 - 21 April 1509

Predecessor Prince Arthur of Wales
Successor Henry IX
Born 28 June 1491
Greenwich Palace, London
Died 12 July 1542
Greenwich Palace, London
Queen Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII of England was born on 28 June 1491 to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, originally a second son  was pushed to the position of Prince of Wales upon the death of his brother Arthur. He favoured to be seen as a perfect king had tournaments every year in which he personally fought. In 1519 he married his daughter Mary to Francis of Brittany, the heir to the French throne and son of Francis I (to renew the alliance formally made by his sister Mary, who was widowed when Louis XII died without children by her to carry on and the new wife to Charles Brandon). This alliance made the entire Western Europe his allies. In 1523 he, Francis I and Charles I of Spain renewed the treaty of London to prevent a clash between Habsburgs and the House of Valois. In 1533 his sister Margaret Tudor called him to arms against her husband Archibald Douglas, who killed her son from a previous marriage and now wanted to take over Scotland form her grandson. He won them the war and Archibald was banished to France. In 1534 he send a small army to help in the civil war, it was enough to win (with a little help of a poisoned wine), at that time he was hurt in a battle and it got infected. In 1536 England went under regency due to the king state, Prince Regent Henry took up a different style from his father, he thought about enlarging his empire and so betrothed himself to Princess Maria of Portugal, daughter of John III of Portugal. It was with odd when later a newborn prince and heir to Portugal John died despite seemingly being healthy (to this day it's unknown if Henry killed him). Henry VIII, however, didn't see the marriage to happen as they married in 1543, when Henry was already dead and Henry IX was crowned. He and Catherine were buried in Westminster Abbey 15 years later next to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.


Catherine married Prince Arthur of England in 1501, but he died and she became a widow for seven years, seeing a good alliance slipping away, Henry VII married her to Prince Henry. Two of their five children survived to adulthood:

  • Daughter (1510 - 1510)
  • Henry, Duke of Cornwall (1511 - 1511)
  • Son (1513 - 1513)
  • King Henry IX of England (1514 - 1573)
  • Queen Mary of France (1516 - 1561), married Francis II of France
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