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Henry VI
Henry VI Anglia (The Kalmar Union).png
Henry VI
King of Anglia
Reign 7th September, 1715 - 3rd February, 1718
Predecessor Henry V
Successor Henry VII
Born 24th June, 1684
Conisborough Castle, West Jorvikshire, Anglia
Died 3rd February, 1718
Lincoln, Anglia
Spouse Charlotte of Denmark
Issue Henry VII
House Battenberg
Father Henry V
Mother Elizabeth Tyrwhitt, Countess of Kesteven

Henry VI was King of Anglia briefly in the early 18th century. His reign 'barely registered' on the national consciousness according to various contemporaries. James XI of Scotland, who met him on three occasions called him 'exceedingly dull and exceedingly fat'.

Henry and Charlotte's only child, Henry would succeed him. The new king was only 3 months old at this point beginning a long regency, first under his mother, then his grandmother. The Regency would prove crucial in forging a country ruled by the authority of the Witenage rather than a monarch.


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