Henry VI
Henry VI
Count of Luxembourg and Arlon
Reign 24 December, 1281 - 5 June, 1288
Predecessor Henry V
Successor Henry VII
Born c. 1240
Died 5 June, 1288
Worringen, Cologne
Spouse Beatrice of Avesnes
Issue Henry VII

Baldwin, Archbishop-Elector of Trier

House Luxembourg-Limburg
Father Henry V
Mother Margaret of Bar

Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg and Arlon, was effectively the last ruler of Luxembourg as a mere county rather than a Europe spanning power.

He succeeded his father in 1281 however his actual rule is little commented on and the historical material only records his deeds in the context of the War of the Limburg Succession. Henry had allied with Reginald I of Guelders to support Reginald's claim as the rightful heir to Limburg through marriage against the claims of Adolf VIII of Berg. Guelders sold its claim to Brabant in 1283 and in 1288 Reginald I sold his claim to Limburg to Henry VI.

Henry VI would die, alongside three of his brothers, in the hard fought Battle of Worringen which saw the capture of the Archbishop of Cologne and the blinding of King Charles III of Anglia. Cologne took the brunt of the allies' ire and the hatchet was quickly buried between Luxembourg and Brabant. However Cologne's gratitude with Luxembourg meant the new count, Henry VII, was soon on a path to unimaginable glory.

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