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Non-contemporary statue of Gnaeus Julius Agricola, leader of the first major Roman expedition in Hibernia.

Welcome to Hibernia Uninimis, a timeline exploring a world where the Romans have greater vested interest in the island of Ireland (Hibernia), and support subsequent expeditions, military operations, and trade missions onto the island, expanding Latin culture and influence to the Irish. In the early 80’s AD Roman trading and exploration around the Irish Sea prompted the Roman general and proconsul of Britannia, Gnaeus Julius Agricola, to launch an invasion of Ireland in 83 AD. This expedition, although territorially minor, would open the door for future Roman excursions, most notably under the expansionist emperor Trajan some three decades later.

This timeline is a collaborative effort between the writers or advisers Bfoxius, Tr0llis, Mscoree, Upvoteanthology, and Benkarnell.


  • c. 80 - The Roman proconsul Gnaeus Julius Agricola takes a greater interest in expanding west instead of north, prompted by successful trade and exploration across the Irish Sea.
  • 81 - C. Julius Agricola launches an expedition across the Irish Sea to scout areas known only to Roman traders. The fort at Drumanagh is established as a military beachhead, and to protect a local trade post with Irish merchants.
  • 83 - After being provoked by an Irish attack against Roman traders, Agricola amasses a fleet and returns to Ireland instead of launching an invasion of Caledonia. The XX Valeria Victrix under his command, supported by a large number of British auxiliaries, lands near Drumanagh. The Romans number at least 8,000 auxiliaries, including four cohorts of Batavians and two cohorts of Tungrian swordsmen, 3,000 cavalry, and 17,000 to 30,000 overall.


The timeline for the Hibernia Unanimis timeline is broken into sections by century, beginning in the First Century AD, following the successful Roman expeditions into Hibernia led by Gnaeus Julius Agricola. The timeline outlines the history of Hibernia following this point, as well as the history of the world as it is affected by this change. An overview of the entire timeline, including important dates and milestones from the detailed version of the timeline, can be found on the timeline page.

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