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Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba

220px-Hifikepunye Pohamba
Hifikepunye Pohamba

2nd President of the Republic of Namibia
21 March 2005 – 21 March 2013

Predecessor Sam Nujoma
Successor Nahas Angula
Prime Minister Nahas Angula
Born 18 August 1935
Flag of South Africa 1928-1994 Okanghudi, South-West Africa (now Namibia)
Spouse Penehupifo Pohamba
Political Party SWAPO

Hifikepunye Pohamba is the second and current President of the Republic of Namibia. He was elected to two consecutive terms in 2005 and 2009, respectively. He ran for the presidency again in the 2013 elections, but was narrowly defeated by his prime minister Nahas Angula.


Political career



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