Higher Education Loan Program Act
Seal of the Cygnian Congress
51st Congress of the Union
An Act relating to the funding of certain institutions of higher education and associated bodies, and for related purposes
Territorial extent Whole of Cygnia
Enacted by 51st Cygnian Congress
Date of Royal Assent 6 January 1989
Legislative history
Bill citation Act No. 2 of 1989
Introduced by Hon. John Dawkins, MC, Minister for Education (L)
First reading 3 November 1988
Status: In force

The Higher Education Loan Program Act, commonly called the HELP Act, is a Cygnian Act of Congress enacted on 6 January 1989 following passage by the 51st Cygnian Congress. Through the Act, the Labour Hawke Government re-introduced university fees, which were abolished by the last Labour government under Gough Whitlam in 1974. It represented a significant overhaul in government funding for tertiary institutions in the country, creating a student contribution scheme that would offset the increasing cost of higher education.


Chapter 1: Introductory

Chapter 2: Grants for Higher Education Assistance

Chapter 3: Additional Grants

Chapter 4: Higher Education Contribution Scheme

Chapter 4A: Post-graduate Education Loan Scheme

Chapter 4B: Bridging for Overseas-Trained Professionals (BOTP) Loan Scheme

Chapter 5: Open Learning Deferred Payment Scheme

Chapter 5A: Repayment of loans made under Chapters 4, 4A, 4B and 5

Chapter 5B: Limit on student debt to Union

Chapter 6: Miscellaneous

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