Hildegard of Rugia
Hildegard Viken (The Kalmar Union).png
Hildegard of Rugia
Queen of Viken
Reign 25th May, 1185 - 6th October, 1188
Predecessor Niels II
Successor Wizlaw I
Born c. 1156
Olso, Viken
Died April, 1213
Rugard, Rugia
Spouse Jaromar I of Rugia
Issue Wizlaw I Jaromarsson

Tetzlav Jaromarsson
Anastasia Jaromarsdatter
Brigitte Jaromarsdatter

Full name
Hildegard Knutsdatter
House Estridsson
Father Cnut III
Mother  ?

An illegitimate child of Cnut III Hildegard had been married off to the Danish vassal, Jaromar, Prince of Rugia, to help secure an alliance with the recently Christianised island.

On the death of her half-brother Niels II Hildegard was the last surviving child of Cnut III. Viken had spent much of the previous decade in dire straits, suffering civil war and invasion from Hordaland. Faced with a potential utterly crippling succession crisis, which would probably end in Danish invasion, the nobles needed decisive action. In a bid therefore to nip any trouble in the bud they quickly offered Hildegard the throne.

Despite being well-liked (the sagas record her ability to talk with both nobles and peasants with equal resepct) her reign did not last long. Effectively absent from the kingdom for long periods the nobles got used to being left to their own devices and so quickly tired of Jaromar's occasional interference and demands for taxes to help him meet his feudal duties to Denmark. Old fault lines amongst the nobility were beginning to reopen. In 1188 under pressure Hildegard was coerced into relinquishing the throne in favour of her eldest son, the 8 year old Wizlaw. Hildegard returned to Rugia leaving Wizlaw in the hands of regents who could negotiate the minefield of Vikene politics with more ease.

Hildegard would live for another twenty years, seeing her sons Wizlaw I and Tetzlav confidently take the reins of their respective realms.

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