Alternative History

Logo This alternate history related article is a stub. Please add suggestions on the talk page. Hispania is the territory encompassing the peninsular region of Iberia past the Pyrenees.

While Hispania is culturally  united, it is mostly under Visigothic rule although being divided into four main nations, the most powerful within the region. Outside the Visigothic dominance in southern and central Iberia, the north is the most divided region, as the kingdom of Asturias has dominated most of the Cantabrian north while the kingdom of Navarre encompasses a small local population of peoples with a different culture than the rest of the peninsula. the Kingdom of Barcino is the biggest naval power in the region, as for the last decades its biggest achievement was the creation of a strong enough army and the biggest fleet in the peninsula and most of the western Europe (Outside Rome and the Visigoths)

Septimania is considered part of the Hispanian Kingdom, but its located in the Gaul region of Narbonnensis


Hispania is dominantly a Romanic nation for the exception of Navarre and its religion is Christian Catholicism and its the oldest Christian Catholic nation ever since 580 as well as the first nation to rejoin the Roman Catholic Papacy after the independence of Rome in 950.