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Hispanics in Ognia form one of the country's largest minority groups, after Russian and Caucasian Ognians. Ognia's majority ethnic group is its Indigenous population.


There are three principal groups of Hispanics in Ognia.

Spanish Antarcticans

Spanish Antarctica, a short-lived colony in the 19th Century, occupied a large portion of northern Ognia. Even after it was transferred to Britain, a handful of Spanish settlements were not abandoned, and a small Spanish-speaking population still exists in this area.

Former Chileans and Argentines

In the late 20th Century, Ognia gained control of the southernmost portions of Argentina (following the Warrahar War) and Chile (following a peaceful transfer). Though these areas are AIP-majority, Hispanics are a very large minority group in the region.

Hispanic Immigrants

There has also been a great deal of immigration to Ognia in recent years, which has brought communities of Latin Americans, Santiagans, and continental Spanish the country.

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