Hispaniola (Papatlaca)

Capital Santo Domingo
Rulers Diego Columbus: 1521 - 1525

Bernal Diaz: 1525 -1537

Don Luis: 1537 - 1547

Language Spanish

Also: Portuguese, Yiddish, and Nahualtl

Currency Forged Coins of other nations using genuine gold and silver

Hispaniola became a de facto nation circa 1521 when contact with Europe was severely curtailed due to an outbreak of papatlaca. It was not officially recognized as an independent nation by any European country.

The population of Hispaniola dropped to a few thousand and was slow to recover. Nonetheless, it served as administrative center to the New World for several decades.

In 1547 it was conquered by the French. At that time Don Luis was the 26 year old ruler of the island and surrounding region. He gave up all legal rights to own or control the islands of the New World or the "Ocean Sea" to the French in exchange for a modest pension.

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