Alternative History

The History Gazette is a database for all of the histories and stories for the Washington Shot at Murdering Town world. Most are presented with a point of view from the unbiased and fictional Open Room Website. An important place for information in this world. Articles with other points of view will be noted. Readers are encouraged to follow the War files and general histories in consecutive order.

Introductory stories written by Airship Armada

  1. Braddock's Expedition
  2. American Revolt
  3. Second American Rebellion

War files

  1. Russo-Turkish Wars (1768)
  2. Sino-Dutch War (1810)
  3. Netherlands War (1812)
  4. Republican Wars (1825)
  5. Irish War (1846)
  6. Sino-French War (1884)
  7. Philippine War (1887)
  8. War of Ottoman Dismemberment (1922)
  9. Chinese East African Rebellions (1949)
  10. Pan European War (1950)
  11. Anglo-Asian Border Conflicts (1969)

General Histories

  1. Sails, and flintlock- Doors to a wider world 1750-1800
  2. Engines of Empires- Making old lands new 1800-1850
  3. No one is safe- Engulfing of all Earth 1850-1900
  4. Carved humanity- Sprinkled Riches 1900-1950
  5. Benevolent Kings- Man's changed identity 1950-2000