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The History of the Rise of Socialism and Communism, often considered the best work of historical literature, is a masterpiece above almost all other works. This book is ranked as the third most bought book in world history, only beaten by the Bible and Marx and Engels' Communist Manifesto. When the book is in need of an update, it is co-authored by the most famous leaders of the current era.

All editions published after 1925 have combined the Communist Manifesto with the Rise of Socialism and Communism, creating a multi-volume work of history.


The concept for the Rise of Socialism and Communism was developed by US President Eugene Debs and Soviet Premier Vladimir Lenin. Both men felt that they had to document their political and social accomplishments for posterity, and they met together during the summer of 1920 in order to begin writing the book.

After setting the framework, they wrote by correspondence, and the book was finally published in 1922 in both English and Russian.


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The list of contributors to the History of the Rise of Socialism and Communism is truly an all-star collection of political leaders and thinkers from around the world, but largely from the US and the Soviet Union.

Here is a comprehensive list of all contributors that are generally recognized as having contributed to the History.

  • Karl Marx
  • Friedrich Engels
  • Eugene V. Debs
  • Vladimir I. Lenin
  • Howard Zinn
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