Hitan Republic
Map of Hitan Republic
Official languages Manchu, Mongolian
Capital Luut Hot
Largest Cities Mügden Hot, Kalgan Hot
Population 13,500,000
Republic formed 1918
Currency Mongolian Yuan (MNY)

Hitan Republic, also Khitan Republic in English (Mongolian: Hitan Uls), is a country in Manchuria. Originally a nation-state designated for/by the Manchu nationality, it is also home to Mongolic and other Tungusic ethnic groups.

It borders the Chinese Union to the south, Heilongjiang of the Chinese Union to the north, Southern Mongolia of the Mongolian Union to the west, and the Yellow Sea to the east.


Fragmentation of China

After the collapse of the China in 1912, revolts in former Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai and conflict between Taiwanese Pan-Blue and Pan-Green coalitions brought unrest to the country. The period was similar to the Era of Warlords and Chinese Civil War periods. The Republics of Uiguristan and Tibet were formed in the next year with help of NATO, while Tibeto-Burmese people of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces established a de facto ruling republic called the Dali Republic in the area.

Victory of the Pan-Green coalition in Taiwan led to the establishment of the Republic of Taiwan in 1913. The Canton and Wu Republics were formed in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Jiangsu.

The Chinese War (1910-1912) saw the formation of Chinese and non-Chinese republics, as well as unsuccessful revolts of the Hui and Miao people resulting in loss for the communists and their central government. With the help of Mongolian, Russian, and Japanese forces, Oirat Mongols formed their Oirat Republic in northern Xinjiang, northern Qinghai, and Alshaa; later becoming the Oirat State and integrating with Western Mongolia with the establishment of the Mongolian Union in 1914. With the secret Treaty of Chita (1910), Buryatia was integrated to the Mongolian Union as the Northern State. Establishment of the Mongolian Union encouraged Inner Mongolian uprisings resulting in the Baotou Incident and Inner Mongolian War (1914-1915) against the Chinese Central Government. The result was the victory of Inner Mongolian, Mongolian, US, and Japanese forces. The Chinese Central Government collapsed and the Chinese Union was formed with help of foreign states fighting with Mandarin bandits and warlords ending unrest in China proper.

Manchu nationalists from Manchuria, Taiwan, and the US with support of the Mongolian Union formed the Hitan Republic in former Liaoning and northern Hebei, while the following Kalgan Incident left many questions unanswered regarding its recognised independance. Officially under legislature of the Hitan Republic, Kalgan became autonomous-port city to both the Hitan Republic and Mongolian and Chinese Unions. The republic was recognized by the Mongolian Union in 1916.

Since the Korean Unification in 1909, the 'Gambo' or 'Take Goguryeo lands back' policy of the Korean Republic was a big threat to Chinese sovereignty. The Treaty of Mügden was signed between Mongolia, China, and Korea concerning 'Gambo' and the newly established de facto Hitan Republic, where the republic was recognized by theChinese Union and the UN in 1918.

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