Ludwig von Hiedler

Adolf Hitler, famed Austrian architect, well-noted for his redesign of post-war Vienna

It is a well-known fact that Adolf Hitler was aspiring to be an artist. Many alternate histories on this site have been built upon this aspiration of his. Hitler was rejected twice by the Vienna Arts School and was recommended to be an architect. Indeed, if you look at his paintings, they have a very large focus on architecture. Even after becoming Führer, he created a plan for the rebuilding of Berlin. If he had followed that recommendation, he would be remembered in history not as a villainous murderer of minorities, but as a good architect.

Differences from OTL


  • Hitler never joins the German army in the First World War. The war is unchanged.
  • Hitler remains in Austro-Hungary and, even during its collapse, remains in the region.
  • The German Worker's Party (DAP) never evolves into a major party and eventually is absorbed by the German National People's Party (DNVP).
  • Antisemitism never runs rampant in Germany. As a result, the Jewish population is much higher. 

Second World War

  • The DNVP, a conservative party, is still brought on the path of war.
  • Their goals did not include the annexation of much of Europe into the Greater Germanic Reich, just the incorporation of pre-1918 German territory.
  • This Second World War began in 1941 and ended in 1944. Germany was restored to its Interbellum borders
  • The DNVP never picked a fight with the USSR and was defeated solely by Western Allies.
  • Japan was dealt with primarily by European powers. 
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