In the Summer of 1940 the fate of the world hung in the balance. Operation Sealion was about to go ahead, the first invasion of Britain since the Normans in 1066 was about to be carried out by Adolf Hitler's Reich. Of course we all know that Sealion never went ahead and that the allies won the war, but what would the world have been like if the last beacon of hope in Europe had been extinguished before the Germans were defeated? This alternate history focuses on a world where Hitler's Reich DID launch Operation Sealion in 1940 and assumed control of the British Ises.

The plan for Operation Sealion, 1940.

Operation Sealion.

In November of 1939 Adolf Hitler was forcing for a invasion of Western Europe starting with Belgium and France and ultimately the invasion of Britain. He outlined four points for the successful invasion of Britain, these were:

  • Elimination or sealing off of Royal Navy forces from the landing and approach areas.
  • Elimination of the Royal Air Force (RAF).
  • Destruction of all Royal Navy units in the coastal zone.
  • Prevention of British submarine  action against the landing fleet.
In October 1939 the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) destroyed the British North Sea and Channel fleet at the second battle of Jutland. Großadmiral Erich Raeder's new German Fleet and well trained U-Bo

Luftwaffe fighters attacking during the Battle of London.

ats destroyed the British, the British had

underestimated the German Navy and so the First step was complete.

The Battle of Britain, by July 1940 Hitler had been persuaded not to invade the Soviet Union by his Generals and after the British Evacuation from Dunkirk became obsessed with capturing the British isles. In July 1940 the first Luftwaffe squadrons flew over Britain and the first of hundreds of Dog fights with the RAF had begun. After months of heavy fighting the RAF was completely demoralised and severely weakened.  At the final Battle of London the Luftwaffe finally destroyed the final RAF fighter squadron and had air superiority over the British Isles and most importantly the South East and London. With this air superiority the Luftwaffe began to bomb plane factories and major ports and farms to prevent the RAF from reforming and to starve the people and armed forces into submission. By November 1940 the Royal Family had been evacuated to safety in Canada and the Pirme Minister Winston Churchill had been killed in a direct hit by a bomb on the war rooms. The country was in chaos. This was the ideal time to attack.

Finally the time was right and Hitler told his Generals to attack. The first troops from
Nazis-in-London 468x748

Wehrmacht forces enter London, 20th October 1940.

battle group A (9th Army) landed at Venter and Brighton on 17th September, at Brighton the Paratroopers helped to secure a beachhead before the Infantry arrived. On 20th September the 16th Army landed at Bexhill, Folkestone, Dover and Ramsgate, again at Dover the paratroopers opened up a beachhead before the infantry arrived. By 25th September the South East coast of England was under Nazi occupation and the 6th Army finally launched its attack on Lyme Regis and would continue to fight viciously there until October when they defeated the British Army there. 1st October saw the 9th and 16th Armies begin to march on London they met little resistance from the demoralised British Army and badly tainted home guard. By 30th October the British home army had been destroyed and Britain Surrendered isolated pockets of resistance still existed but no large scale fighting occurred. Meanwhile in Berlin celebrations for the war ending lasted for days and Adolf Hitler was treated like a hero.

Suppression of the population.

November 2nd 1940 saw the arrival of the Führer and
Brauchitsch and Adolf Hitler

Commander Brauchitsch and Adolf Hitler, London 1940

Heinrich Himmler in London, the people were forced to celebrate. With this arrival came the first death squads from the continent to kill all the people in the 'black book' the Germans had made to kill certain people in the UK. The SS and Gestapo set up offices in London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Belfast. The most famous of these offices was Number 13, Downing street. In December 1940 the first Ghetto was set up in the east end of London here approximately 50,000 Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals were held until they were deported to concentration camps in the British Isles (notably the Oakham Death camp in Rutland) By July of 1941 the Führer had decided to split the British Isles into two sections the country north of York including Scotland and Northern Ireland and the remainder of the Empire would be administered by King Edward VIII from Edinburgh and the appointed Nazi government led by Sir Oswald Mosley, in the same way Vichy France was run. And the south of England and Wales was directly administered by Walther von Brauchitsch and the Nazis.

In spite of their best efforts, the Nazi invaders could not keep the population under control. By the summer of 1941 the Special Operations Executive (SOE) which was set up by Churchill in the last days of the war, was in full swing especially in the South East.



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