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Hitler's Destiny


In 1940 Germany lost the Battle of Britain but what if he had won that battle?

Point of Divergence

This TL is mostly focused on exploring the way Hitler could have , the actions should he had taken earlier to be able to win the Battle of Britain and then successfully undergo Operation Sea Lion and Operation Green (Ireland) securing the entirity of Britain and Ireland.


1934-1939: Adolf Hitler didn't neglect to update the german planes instead he conducted covert oppps and managed to take possesion of aviation technology from UK and the USA and German engineers successfully update some parts of their own.

1940:The German Reich was able to win the battle of britain by achieving air superiority. An invasion of Britain followed by occupation forces the UK to make elections and a Government of National Unity surrenders Britain to The German Reich and Hitler puts Edward VIII on the throne of the UK effectively making the UK a German puppet like France.

1941:With no one fighting against the German Reich Adolf Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini divide Europe into Spheres of influences and change the borders of europe as they suits them, Hungarian Kingdom is restored to its pre-WW1 borders and Bulgaria gains Northern Dobruja.

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