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To recap what has gone on in the last 20 or so years;

The Soviets were defeated at the Battle of Stalingrad because of an added regiment of SS to make sure the town was captured; this allowed the Caucasian oil fields, along with Moscow and Saint Petersburg, to be captured by German forces. With this nearly fatal blow, the USSR surrendered.

With the Eastern Front taken care of, Hitler allocated every soldier and SS to the Western Front, and thus kept the Allies from taking Normandy. After two more attempts to liberate France, the Allied forces retreated to Britain, at which time the Nazis unveiled a massive pontoon bridge project, reminiscent of the Persian Empire. The Allies did not know what hit them when the Axis of Evil stormed into Britain, ripping through the streets like the plague, and killing twice as many.

As the Nazis marched north, Ireland and Scotland joined the Axis, tired of British rule. Fascist figureheads were placed in Iceland and Greenland, but were not officially part of the Nazi regime.

It is June 22, 1961, the 20 Anniversary of the Invasion of the Soviet Union, celebrated throughout the Greater German Reich as "Victory Day." The aging Führer, Adolf Hitler, is presiding over a massive military parade to mark the occasion in Berlin. With all of Europe under the heels of the Reich, Britain still reeling from the invasion that destroyed them, and new farms and towns springing up over the "cleansed" Russian territories, Hitler and the German people have every right to feel so assured.

But this is Hitler's last "Sieg Heil!" Someone is after him. But who?

A bitter cabal of Generals

A secret legion of the oppressed

A nervous and threatened USA

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