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To recap what has been going on in the last 30 years; The Japanese Empire has been defeated just as they were in OTL.

The Nazis won Operation Blue by securing the entire town of Stalingrad, thereby allowing the German Sixth Army to participate in the battle surrounding the city, and defeat the Soviets. In their time of triumph, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and the Caucasus oil fields all became part of Greater Germany. With this newfound territory, the Germans were now immensely powerful, and the Soviets were dealt a crushing blow, and signed an armistice to stop the bloodshed, the majority of which was on Soviet blood.

Though some troops were left on the eastern front should the USSR try anything sneaky, most of the army was able to reinforce the western front, and keep the Allies from penetrating the hedgerow areas of France, pushing the invading forces off continental Europe, even going so far as to counter invade, and capture a section of southern Britain.

Greenland, Africa (because of colonies), and Europe (except Switzerland) is now under Fascist rule, and has engaged the United States in a Cold War.

On April 20, 1971, Everyone is celebrating the Führer's eighty-second birthday, when reports of incoming nuclear missiles rattle everyone at the Reichstag. Hitler is quickly taken to an underground bunker in the German countryside, but his car is t-boned and the aged dictator is killed. Eva Braun, his wife, and Hermann Goring make it to the bunker in time, and Goring is appointed Führer.

What does Goring do?

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