The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich

What if Hitler had decided to retry his luck at art and go to another art school - and got accepted - after he had been denied twice at Vienna Academy of Art? What would the fate of the Weimar Republic have been, still in ruins, desperate to get out of depression and hyperinflation? And would Fascism ever rise like it did? Would the Soviet Union ever transform into a Superpower as a result?

This timeline describes it all, from the history of Weimar Germany at the world up to the modern day, along with the alternate destiny of Hitler and the popularity of his works, the alternate Second World War and much more. And the path Hitler ends up on may end up surprising you!


After World War I, Hitler was one of the millions in Europe looking for either a job or the chance to enter into higher education. In OTL, he would try to enter the Vienna Academy of Art - but would not manage to get in, thus causing him to look for other work. However, in this ATL, deciding to try his luck one last time, in neighbouring Germany, he enters an application to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and gets selected. Breathing a sigh of relief, he converts the grief he feels after the war into his artwork, and before long some of his works begin to gain international acclaim.

Meanwhile, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles would go as OTL, and it would not be until before the Great Depression when the first rumblings of change would be felt when compared to OTL. Although things seemed to not have changed much, when the Great Depression strikes and Germany finds itself facing complete economic destruction - it is an alternate party, the DNVP, which wins the elections of 1932 and forms the government with backing from the Stathelm.


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