Alternative History

March 1, 1889

Alois Hitler, who is extremely frustrated with the Austrian economy, immigrates with his very-pregnant wife Klara to the United Kingdom.

April 10, 1889

Klara gives birth to a baby boy named Adolf in London, England. Because of the stress of the move, the baby was a few weeks premature.

June 8, 1890

After a year-long stay in London, Alois and Klara, along with their 1 year-old son Adolf and his 3 brothers and sisters decide to settle in Leeds. Alois takes a job at a manufacturing plant there and does sketching and painting in his spare time.

April 10, 1893

On the occasion of Adolf Hitler's 4th birthday, Klara begins to notice that he is going to take after his father---he has a talent for sketching and drawing. Alois is pleased.