The world in 2008 (Hitler is an American---Version 1)

List of nations (Hitler is an American---Version 1)

19th century



March 1, 1889

Alois Hitler, who is extremely frustrated with the Austrian economy, immigrates with his very-pregnant wife Klara to the United States.

April 10, 1889

Klara gives birth to a baby boy named Adolf in Manhattan, New York. Because of the stress of the move, the baby was a few weeks premature.



June 8, 1890

After a year-long stay in New York City, Alois and Klara, along with their 1 year-old son Adolf and his 3 brothers and sisters decide to settle in L.A. Alois takes a job designing sets for Vaudeville shows.


April 10, 1893

On the occasion of Adolf Hitler's 4th birthday, Klara begins to notice that he is going to take after his father---he has a talent for sketching and drawing. Alois is pleased.


January 1, 1896

Hitler begins helping his dad with small Vaudeville projects. He also assists with the stage and even has some small singing roles as well.

20th Century



May 23, 1900

After many years of hard work, Alois Hitler is finally promoted from assistant stage hand to prop and stage manager for his theatre company.


January 3, 1903

65 year-old Alois Hitler goes to his local tavern and has his customary glass of wine. Unlike in OTL, he does not die and the day passes uneventfully.

December 4, 1903

Due to fears of a war brewing between Germany and England, several hundred thousand Germans head for the US, including Reinhard Heydrich's parents as well, who would move to Texas (Reinhard would use his anglicized name, Richard, by the time he is a soldier).


February 22, 1904

Reinhard Heydrich is born in San Antonio, Texas.


January 3, 1907

Adolf Hitler meets Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo, NY. He is very impressed with him and his architectural designs.

April 10, 1907

Hitler celebrates his 18th birthday. He is becoming increasingly political; he has been reading the works of Nietzsche and Voltaire. He wonders why 18 year-olds can go to war but not vote in U.S. elections.

April 12, 1907

Hitler makes application to the Palace theatre in New York City. If accepted, he will be billed as "Hector the Sketcher", someone who can sketch almost anything to almost photographical perfection in five minutes flat. His act will utilize a large canvas and he will draw in front of the audience.

April 26, 1907

Hitler is accepted into the troupe.

May 10, 1907

Hitler moves to New York and begins preparing for his first Vaudeville show.

May 17, 1907

Hitler's first Vaudeville show is a huge success. He will continue this way until the end of next fall.

November 30, 1907

Hitler begins branching out to singing and acting. He has also made another important decision: he is going to get more active in his Catholic faith. He begins looking for a good parish to attend.


December 10, 1909

Hitler reads an article about a concept called Eugenics in a NYC library. He is disgusted by the concept of euthanasia, birth control and being able to choose when and where a child is born because he believes that "all men are created equal".



November 7, 1912

Adolf Hitler casts his first vote for U.S. president: Republican William Howard Taft. Unfortunately, Woodrow Wilson wins anyway. It is at this point that Hitler turns to politics.


January 1, 1913

Hitler learns about a new medium. Silent films. He is intrigued and begins talking to people about the new technology.

May 12, 1913

Hitler marries Mary O'Neill, who is from a very prominent and Catholic Scots-Irish family.

August 3, 1913

Hitler applies for a place in Yale to study politics.


April 6, 1914

Hitler's first daughter, Alice, is born.

June 7, 1918

Hitler graduates from Yale, and decides to run for congress in 1920.

September 5, 1918 Hitler's second Daughter, Carol, is born.



November 20, 1920

Hitler, mainly due to his great oratory skills from being an actor, becomes the congressman for the 11th district of New York. After unseating sitting Congressman Daniel Riordan in the primaries, he very easily defeats the young and inexperienced Democrat, .

December 6, 1921

Hitler's son William is born.


January 3, 1922

Hitler tries to get a bill passed that would repeal the Federal Reserve act, which does not go further than the senate. He would try again every year.


March 6, 1923

Mary O'Neill dies of a fever. Adolf begins to become depressed and on his priest's recommendation, goes to Lourdes to clear his head.


July 17, 1924

Richard Heydrich enlists in the US Army


May 6, 1928 Adolf Hitler becomes Herbert Hoover's running mate in the elections, which they win.

December 5 1928

President Coolidge listens to Tesla (Hitler was interested in his ideas on technology, and so he vouched for Tesla to get more funding for Tesla's experiments) on information about the Death ray and VTOL aircraft, and establishes the Experimental Defense Projects Division of the Department of War in Nevada.


October 29, 1929

Herbert Hoover, on Hitler's advice vetoes the Smoot Hawley tariff act, which helps to lift America out of the recession earlier than in OTL, but does not prevent the Depression's effects across the world.

November 9, 1929 Hitler calls an old friend, Frank Wright, and asks him to help design a network of superhighways that will give jobs to unemployed Americans and help alleviate the Depression.

November 18, 1929

Iran causes a crisis when there are several explosions at major oil fields which causes oil prices to reach $200/barrel.



November 5, 1930

Hoover goes to Japan and gets the Emperor to sign a trade agreement with the US. This friendship would play a key role in the future.


April 8, 1931

The Nazi party (under Himmler) become the second largest party in Germany. Their 25 points were agreed on without Hitler and they also preach a hatred of Iran, which they believe caused an oil crisis in 1929 on purpose to enrich themselves(which replaced the depression ATL). Einstein, worried about the Ramifications of a German conquest of Iran, tells the Shah about nuclear bombs (but the project is delayed by several years)

August 6, 1931

Oswald Mosley, with his populism and charisma, wins the elections in Britain. This causes Herbert Hoover to put America on a war footing, and moves all military factories to the Rockies in the Midwest, as well as increase funding for experimental weapons. When Winston Churchill attempts to bring evidence of vote rigging to the Commons, he is killed in a "car accident".

August 12, 1931

Mosley gets together with Himmler and Mussolini to form the Axis, which would span across Europe from Scotland to Italy.

September 5 1931

The first VTOL prototype is complete, which resembles a 2 engine plane. Charles Lindbergh is invited to test the aircraft, which he feels is rather "clunky and cumbersome with massive room for improvement".


November 20, 1932

Herbert Hoover wins the election again.


March 6 1933

Tesla has completed schematics for the long awaited "Death Ray" (in ATL, this information is classified)


March 5, 1934

The Nuremberg Laws are passed in Germany(which are harsher than in OTL, including a reduced sentence for anyone who kills a Jew). Hoover announces that America shall be a safe haven for any Jews fleeing persecution. KKK membership spikes to 10 million. Wernher Von Braun and his family are alarmed at these laws so they defect to the USA.

July 6, 1934

Von Braun helps the Americans develop a prototype for a jet fighter, which resembles a combination of the F-86 Sabre and the Me262 when it is complete in 1936.


June 4 1936

The X-01 fighter jet prototype is complete. Again, Lindbergh is invited to test it. He notes that "while the plane is very fast, I have noticed its steering is too slow and the engines are too heavy to achieve maximum speed." after two unsuccessful tries, the F-3 is developed by the USA a year later. Lindbergh notes that the handling is much better and the engines have been redesigned for efficiency. The fighter was due to enter mass production in 3 years but Operation Burgoyne meant that tanks were more important.

November 29, 1936

Hitler becomes the 32nd US President (Hoover declined to run citing the 2 term tradition). Because of tensions with the British Empire, Hitler swings the economy into a war march (The US military budget was already the largest in the world, with 40% of its recipients being classified). Hitler also orders that bunkers be installed in every city and has a military base constructed in the Grand Canyon.


March 8, 1937

Hitler finally gets the Federal Reserve Act repealed and the Federal Reserve building is made into a museum. He famously mentions in his "fireside chat" that "if I were to write my epitaph, it would say "I killed the bank again"

September 1, 1937

Hitler, learning about the theory of E = mc2, orders work on the Atomic bomb to commence.

December 5, 1937

Hitler gets together with Hirohito and Daladier of Japan and France respectively and forms the Alliance. Shah Perez of Iran joins in as well (he has his own nuclear ambitions as well.


February 5, 1938

Alice tells Adolf that she is engaged to a Japanese man, Akhito Nobunaga whom she met at a diplomatic function, and the wedding is on the 28th.

February 28, 1938

Alice and Akhito are married in a catholic ceremony at St Patrick's church by Hitler's priest. Hitler's mother also attends the wedding (she did not contract cancer ATL)

March 1, 1938

Führer Himmler, along with Josef Stalin, invade Poland per the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Much of the population of Poland has been killed or injured.

March 6, 1938

The USA, France, Iran and Japan declare war on Germany, Britain, Holland and Italy. The Second World War begins.

March 6- September 9 1938

There is no fighting which gives this the nickname of the "phoney war".

August 13 1938

The superhighway network begun by Hoover is complete.

September 9, 1938

German/British forces ambush Iran and France in the Middle East

October 17, 1938

Stalin of the USSR prepares for war with both factions and also orders the development of nuclear weapons.

November 11, 1938

A British army of 200,000 invade the USA through Canada. Hitler and his family alongside his cabinet are moved to an undisclosed location.

December 5, 1938

After several weeks of fighting the Minnesota and the Wisconsin National Guard they finally defeat them and they fall back to Minneapolis.(The British lose 45,000 men in doing so) The British army then lays Minneapolis under siege.(U.S. Army still nowhere in sight!)


January 5, 1939

France by this stage has fallen to Germany. The government in exile hands its colonies in the Pacific to Japan. The Royal Navy is bombarding the coast of Iwo Jima. Germany has begun besieging Madrid.

February 9, 1939

Germany has overrun France by this stage.

March 6, 1939

Iranian forces have captured Baghdad.

May 1, 1939

The Death Ray project is canceled because of unreliability due to the prototype exploding in Alaska.

July 7, 1939

The battle of New York begins when the US try to prevent the British from capturing the rest of New England, which would be the death knell for the USA. This would be the bloodiest battle in the history of war.

August 6, 1939

The Japanese win an astounding victory over the Dutch at Indonesia (The muslims who live there side with the Japanese, who are less brutal than OTL due to America keeping them in check.) Himmler persuades Mexico to go to war with the Americans/Japanese. Now the USA is caught between the Mexicans and the British.

August 29, 1939

Chile/Brazil and Argentina enter the war on the side of America/Germany respectively.

September 11, 1939

The USA crush the Mexicans at El Paso, Texas. They then move almost 100 miles into Mexico, capturing several towns and cities, only fighting minor battles with the Mexican Army



June 3, 1940

The USA has defeated the British at Seattle and they now march on Vancouver.

June 29, 1940

The US has now annexed Baja California and Sonora.

July 6, 1940

General Ruhollah Khoemini leads a coup d'état when Iranian fascists execute the Shah and plan to negotiate with the Axis.

July 17, 1940

Chilean forces defeat Argentina at San Miguel.

July 19, 1940

Indian Muslims side with Iranian forces and assist in their drive to Delhi.

August 1, 1940

Chilean and Brazilian forces sync up and move southwards.

August 6, 1940

The Japanese/American fleet score a victory over the Royal Navy at Midway.

September 5, 1940

Iran has subdued the British in Iraq and they begin an assault on Palestine, where they will meet up with the French Foreign Legion.

October 14, 1940 New York is liberated, mainly thanks to Richard Heydrich, who did it by leading several Army Rangers through the sewers and captured several key points for further re-enforcements to arrive (but was hit in the leg by an SAS sniper, which makes him use a cane to the present day). Up to 2 million people lost their lives in this battle alone.

November 5, 1940

President Hitler is re-elected with Wendell Willkie as his running mate. Hitler wins 43 states and 60%-39% over the Democratic ticket of Herbert Lehman and Harry Truman.


February 5, 1941

Mexico surrenders when the US military is at its capital. At the treaty of Austin, Mexico cedes much of its northern territory, is required to pay reparations to the US government and forbidden from having an army larger than 100k soldiers. With Mexico subdued, the USA focus on Britain.

March 8, 1941

Operation Zulfiqar commences with Jerusalem being the main target.

April 7 1942

William Hitler's plane, enroute to Fort McMurray for bombing runs, is intercepted by a pair of Spitfires and is shot down. Adolf is seen drinking a lot after this incident.

June 6 1942

Lieutenant Richard Heydrich (who was honorably discharged after New York) meets Hitler in a bar and gets him out of alcoholism, which Hitler would be thankful to Heydrich later on.

July 4, 1942

Ottawa has fallen after a 6 month siege. By this stage, much of southern Canada is under the USA. President Hitler comes to Ottawa saying to US soldiers that they can win the war.

August 20, 1942

The USS Minnesota (which in TTL, is more powerful than the Iowa) engages the Tirpitz in the Atlantic. This titanic struggle ends after the Minnesota hits the top deck of the Tirpitz.

September 5, 1942

Japanese/American soldiers invade Australia.

October 5, 1942

Saudi Arabia declares war on Iran as part of a last ditch attempt by the axis to defeat them.

November 10, 1942

Iranian forces have defeated much of the Saudi forces at Riyadh.

December 7, 1942

Saudi Arabia surrenders at midnight to General Khomeini. the Iranians annex all of Saudi Arabia, but a guerrilla insurgency to the present day causes a lot of problems for Iran.


January 5, 1943

The USA have completed the first Atomic bomb, which they test in Nevada. Hitler, who was present at the test noted to Einstein that "the Pandora's box has been opened, how can we be sure that we can close it forever?"

January 19, 1943

Iran catch up and detonate their own nuclear device in the deserts. General Khomeini tells Hitler that they should make it public to the Axis that we have won the war.

February 16, 1943

The USA and Iran give Oswald Mosley, Mussolini and Himmler an ultimatum: surrender or face annihilation. Both flatly refuse, so the USA begin searching for a target.

March 6, 1943

A B-29 Superfortress flies over London and deploys a single Nuclear bomb (which is nicknamed "William's revenge" that obliterates the entire city. Oswald Mosley is ousted in a no-confidence vote for the failure to intercept the plane.

March 21, 1943

An Iranian A-16 bomber flies with a significant fighter escort to Rome and wipes it out with a nuclear weapon. Mussolini and his general staff are incinerated in the blast which causes Italy to surrender.

April 6, 1943

In response, a German nuclear missile flies from Churchhill Falls and hits Washington DC (Hitler and his cabinet were in the Cheyenne Mountain military base), while a British plane flies from India and tries to hit Tehran, but it is shot down by a group of F-3 Jets (given to Iran on Lend-Lease).

April 8 1943

Hitler announces that there will be a provisional capital in Denver, Colorado until a new one is selected.

May 6, 1943

Australia and New Zealand surrender at noon to Japanese/American troops.

May 10, 1943

Germany sues for peace after Berlin is hit with an A-Bomb. The treaty of Munich declares that all the Asian colonies of France Holland and Britain are to be given to Japan (Except India, Pakistan and Myanmar, which gain independence and Hong Kong to the U.S.A.), Canada is given to the USA alongside Jamaica, Suriname, and other British Commonwealth territories in the Americas, while Iran gets Iraq and British/French Palestine alongside other British territories in the Middle East (barring Egypt, which remains in the commonwealth). Germany is allowed to retain its territories in Europe and most in Africa, Resulting in Iran, Japan, America and Germany becoming superpowers. With the British empire gone, Germany sets up the European Union (which encapsulates Vichy France, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Albania, Hungary and Yugoslavia and offers Britain and her African colonies a place, which they accept (the Irish republic declines the offer alongside Switzerland).

May 11, 1943

The USSR detonate an Atomic bomb in Siberia. Now the Cold war has a new player. On the same day, Hitler announces that Congress and the Senate have approved of a resolution moving the American capital to Denver, Colorado.

May 12, 1943

Hitler goes before the Senate and asks for their approval of replacing the Department of War with the Department of Defense. They approve, and Hitler nominates a good friend Richard Heydrich (who received the congressional Medal of Honor for his role in the Battle of New York) , as the first Secretary of Defense, which they approve of unanimously.

June 1, 1943

President Hitler announces that he now has a fiancee. He explains that he had kept her identity and knowledge of his significant other a secret for well over three years because he did not want it to be a distraction from the war effort. He explains that the two met when he was visiting his father's country in 1930. The wedding is scheduled for September 1st and the name of his new wife-to-be is Eva Braun.

July 4, 1943

A tradition is established on every independence day that the US military parade through Denver to commemorate the millions of Americans who died in the war. Iran also lost a lot of lives and follow the same traditions on May Day.

July 5, 1943

Japan establishes the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, and offers China, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal and Thailand a place in this alliance. All but Tibet and Nepal accept the offer (Japan didn't invade China ATL and Chang Kai Sheik was grateful for the help they gave in defeating the Maoists.

July 6, 1943

Oswald Mosley, now a fugitive from the British Crown for several months now, commits suicide in an underground bunker. Meanwhile, the British have a new Prime Minister: a man named Anthony Eden, who is more cold to Germany than Mosley.

July 8, 1943

America purchases French Guayana from France.

July 13, 1943

In Germany, Himmler is executed by firing squad by the Nazi party's Inner circle for losing the war, although Germany has a lot of land in Africa. Himmler is replaced by Herman Goring (who is not a drug addict and more intelligent ATL, but still Anti-Semitic)

July 20, 1943

In one of his now-famous "fireside chats" (done by Roosevelt in OTL) Hitler says that it is now time for the congress to decide when the next U.S Presidential election will be held, as the 1940 elections had to be canceled because of the war effort. He says the most logical thing to do would just be to simply hold it at the normal time in 1944. Although Hitler has already served two full terms, he announces that he will be running for a 'third' term. Vice President Wilkie remains uncommitted because he is considering a run for Governor of his home state.

July 29, 1943

Hitler meets the pope at a Catholic Mass in Rome (There was no Holocaust due to Hoover's amnesty for Jews, although Jews were significantly marginalized in Germany and the EU to the present day.)

August 1, 1943

Hirohito, Khomeini and Hitler meet in Tokyo to discuss ways to prevent another war of this magnitude from happening.

August 2, 1943

Jamaica becomes a state in the Union along with the Virgin Isles, Cuba, Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja California,on the same day.

August 3, 1943

Congress agree to allow Canada to hold a plebiscite on their future in 1944 (Due to the elections). Suriname and the rest of the Mexican states are admitted into the Union.

August 5, 1943

Hitler says that he will appoint interim governors, senators, and congressmen for the new states and that the new states will get to elect their own in 1944.

August 20, 1943

Hitler's mother dies on her birthday.

September 1, 1943

Hitler marries Eva Braun.


January 2, 1944

As predicted, Vice President Willkie announces that he will not seek a second term as VP. He is more interested in being the Governor of Indiana.

March 1, 1944

President Hitler wins the republican nomination in a unanimous margin against Thomas Dewey, despite his catholic faith.

July 30, 1944

Hitler name his new running mate: Adlai Stevenson.

August 6, 1944

A statue in NYC is created (which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) depicting a revolutionary minuteman aiming a musket pointing towards the North into Canada. This statue is the largest in the world, beating the statue of Buddha in Japan, and is placed in Central Park as a memorial to the millions of people who died in "the War of Liberty" with the words of Thomas Jefferson "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" on a plinth next to the Liberty tree close to the "Minuteman"

September 21, 1944

A plebiscite in Canada concludes that 57%/43% want to become part of the USA (partly due to Mosley's iron grip on the dominions during his reign). Canada is admitted into the USA

September 25, 1944

A controversy develops when it is learned that the Mafia had intimidated president Hitler in order to release Al Capone. The senate decide to censure instead of impeach him because of the circumstances he was under.

October 6, 1944

Goring launches the German space program in order to "display the superiority of the Aryan Race". But due to the draw of WW2, the Nazi inner circle have Goring on a tight leash.

October 7, 1944

The USA, Iran and Japan begin their space program's as well (which is a joint effort, and much more effective). The USSR will follow suit in a week.

October 21, 1944

Eva Braun dies in a car crash, which shakes Hitler's catholic faith to the core. After consultations with the pope, Hitler goes to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Christ.

October 30, 1944

Congress pass a civil rights act in light of the black soldiers who died in the war, which Hitler signs. This CRA bans segregation, gives black people voting rights.

November 7, 1944

Adolf Hitler wins the election against Harry Truman.


February 3, 1945

Secretary of Defense Heydrich gains senate approval for the construction of a military base in Arlington, Virginia, which is nicknamed by its detractors as the Pentagon (which sticks, and that name is used to the present day).

April 6, 1945

Heydrich's brother causes a stir in the tabloids when his womanizing gets him into trouble. This ripples onto the beleaguered Secretary of defense, who subsequently says to the press that they are using the guilt by association fallacy to "gain nothing more than mere pennies at the expense of an honest man's reputation"

December 5, 1945

The Sandinista party win elections in Nicaragua and they get together with Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, CostaRica and Honduras to form the Caribbean alliance.


January 10, 1946

Congress passes legislation which abolishes the draft for the time being. Due to President Hitler's large mobilizations of troops in the 1930's the draft was never really needed anyway.

January 27, 1946

Congress is considering lowering the voting age to 18. Many people feel that if they are old enough to go to war they are old enough to vote.

April 10, 1946

Richard Heydrich and Dewey give Hitler a unique birthday present: a summer ranch in Texas, which Hitler names Camp William.

April 25, 1946

The first satellites are launched by the Americans. Germany gets its first satellite operational within days as well.

May 6, 1946

Thomas Dewey (who is Secretary of State) meets with Colombia and Venezuela to ensure that the Caribbean alliance is cornered and Isolated.

May 30, 1946

After months of debate, the voting age is officially lowered to age 18.

June 8, 1946

Hitler marries for a third time in a private ceremony to a woman he met while vacationing at Lake Michigan. The new first lady is Kathleen Maddox (she is much more responsible and is not a heavy drinker ATL) Hitler quickly adopts her somewhat troubled son, Charles Manson, and he becomes Charles Alois Hitler on July 1st of that year.

NOTE: pleae do not edit the June 8, 1945 entry as I have plans for a crossover timeline or an expansion of this one.

June 22, 1946

Josef Stalin is assassinated by a bodyguard just as the Josef-1 satellite being launched from Kazakhstan.

July 1, 1946

Hitler begins to see similarities between Charles and his dead son. Hitler begins to teach Charles how to paint.

August 6, 1946

Hitler enrolls Charles in a private school in Maine.

August 9 ,1946

Because of the Philippines' role in defeating the British, Hitler decides to give them a plebiscite on their future.

August 10, 1946

Iran launches the Ali-1 satellite(Iran already had advanced rocketry ATL due to Magnus Von Braun helping them)

August 17, 1946

The German controlled EU pass a directive calling on member states not to give up their colonies in Africa.

September 6, 1946

A doctor in Tokyo tells the president that he is beginning to show signs of parkinson's disease

September 7, 1946

Hitler announces that he is going to resign, and Adlai Stevenson is taking office effective tomorrow noon.

September 8, 1946

Hitler leaves the White House for the final time and takes a Hummingbird to Camp William, which is his retirement home. Hitler also announces that he will write his memoirs.


March 8, 1948

Hitler's memoirs, "My Struggle: Leading America through the valley of darkness and guiding it to victory in the presence of mine enemies", but Heydrich recommends shortening the title to "My Struggle", are released. Soon, it would become on the best-selling biographies of the year.



June 4, 1958

A prototype VTOL passenger plane crashes on its test flight killing all on board. The project is suspended indefinitely.



May 6, 1961

During JFK's Second Term, Washington DC's rebuilding was complete, with the state of Columbia (not to be confused with Western Columbia) admitted into the union.

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