March 1, 1889

Alois Hitler, who is extremely frustrated with the Austrian economy, immigrates with his very-pregnant wife Klara to the United States.

April 10, 1889 Klara gives birth to a baby boy named Adolf in Manhattan, New York. Because of the stress of the move, the baby was a few weeks premature. Klara also gives birth to 6 other children - 3 boys and 3 girls.

June 8, 1890

After a year-long stay in New York City, Alois and Klara, along with their 1 year-old son Adolf and his 3 brothers and sisters decide to settle in L.A. Alois takes a job designing sets for Vaudeville shows.

April 10, 1893

On the occasion of Adolf Hitler's 4th birthday, Klara begins to notice that he is going to take after his father---he has a talent for sketching and drawing. Alois is pleased.

January 1, 1896

Hitler begins helping his dad with small Vaudeville projects. He also assists with the stage and even has some small singing roles as well.

May 23, 1900

After many years of hard work, Alois Hitler is finally promoted from assistant stage hand to prop and stage manager for his theatre company.

January 3, 1903

65 year-old Alois Hitler goes to his local tavern and has his customary glass of wine. Unlike in OTL, he does not die and the day passes uneventfully.

January 3, 1907

Adolf Hitler meets Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo, NY. He is very impressed with him and his architechural designs.

April 10, 1907

Hitler celebrates his 18th birthday. He is becoming increasingly political; he has been reading the works of Nietzsche and Voltaire. He wonders why 18 year-olds can go to war but not vote in U.S. elections. He also thinks that he might be gay.

April 12, 1907

Hitler makes application to the Palace theatre in New York City. If accepted, he will be billed as "Hector the Sketcher", someone who can sketch almost anything to almost photographical perfection in five minutes flat. His act will utilize a large canvas and he will draw in front of the audience.

April 26, 1907

Hitler is accepted into the troupe.

May 10, 1907

Hitler moves to New York and begins preparing for his first Vaudeville show.

May 17, 1907

Hitler's first Vaudeville show is a huge success. He will continue this way until the end of next fall.

November 30, 1907

Hitler begins branching out to singing and acting. He has also made another important decision: he is definitely gay. He begins frequenting Saloons to find dates.

March 20, 1908

He settles on Vito Lorenzo's Saloon on Canal Street. After a while, he is arrested by the police for "homosexual disorderly conduct". He posts bail, is released, and becomes more careful about his "lifestyle".

March 21, 1908

Although he mentions his arrest in a letter home to his parents in L.A., he calls it a "misunderstanding". He is not ready yet to tell them he is a "fairy".

December 10, 1909

Hitler reads an article about a concept called Eugenics in a NYC library. He is intrigued by the concept of euthanasia, birth control. and being able to choose when and where a child is born.

January 1, 1910

Hitler meets his first serious lover. The man will evenutally move in with him and live with him for several years.

November 7, 1912

Adolf Hitler casts his first vote for U.S. president: Socialist Eugene V. Debs.

January 1, 1913

Hitler learns about a new medium. Silent films. He is intrigued and begins talking to people about the new technology.

March 20, 1913

Hitler meets Charlie Chaplin, who is on tour with his Kamo troupe.

March 21, 1913

Hitler and Chaplin go out for drinks. The two men "hit it off", and Chaplin invites Hitler to join the Kamo troupe.

March 25, 1913

After thinking it over for a few days, Hitler officially joins the troupe. He is also intrigued by a new medium in still in its infancy: silent film.

March 25, 1914

On the one-year anniversary of joining the troop, Hitler co-stars with Chaplin in their first silent film together, called "Two of a Kind". The film is about twins because the two men do resemble one another with a little makeup. (note: this film does not exist OTL)

January 3rd, 1938

Hitler announces he will run for the Democrat nomination for 1932.

June 24th, 1940

Hitler is announced vice-presidential candidate under FDR.

November 4, 1940

Roosvelt/Hitler win election against Wendell Wilkie.

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