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It is 1945 and the Allies have cornered Hitler to his bunker in Berlin. He gathers ten people and locks them inside a secret room. To this select group he reveals the Nazis have created the new Aryan race of man, a cyborg-animal hybrid that can turn the tide of the war. The Nazi army, hidden under the secret Nazi colony on Antarctica shall be unveiled, and until then Hitler enters cryo-sleep in a secret facility deeper inside the city. A few days later the Soviets storm the bunker and claim they have found Hitler dead from suicide. His body is never recovered.

The Nazi underground network on Antarctica continues to flourish, and by 1961 its radioactive testing has managed to dry up much of the South Atlantic, creating a new continent of sprawling mountains and plains. In 1959 a British scientist leads an expedition to the continent and discovers runes from an ancient alien civilization that had been lost underwater for thousands of years. Hundreds of settlers would later come to the new continent, forming the religion of Jrunism. By 1960 cities on the mainland had grown, forcing the UN to place sanctions on immigration. In 1961 the UN authorized a peacekeeping operation to take back the continent, beginning a war. The war would continue for five years before a peace agreement was reached, creating the Jrunist Kingdom. In 1967 the king died, splitting up the continent and beginning a civil war.

Meanwhile, by 1961 Hitler's body had been transferred to Antarctica and reanimated. The Nazi's would make themselves known to the world, but unable to support two major wars at once, the UN was hesitant to intervene. In 1963 Hitler began the Antarctic War, as a two year conflict to unite Antarctica, which had begun to be colonized by many other states, as well as by other German organizations.

In 1970 a nuclear blast was detected off the coast of Antarctica, as Hitler unveiled his first nuclear weapon. And so began a three-way cold war for the fate of humanity.

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