The Holleischen Realms at their height in 1800

The Holleischen Realms (High German: Holleischener Reich, Czech: Holýšovská říše) were the territories in central Europe ruled by the House of Holleischen during the early modern period. At their height they included Bohemia, Bavaria, Austria and Croatia, as well as numerous smaller statelets across Germany and northern Italy. The Holleischen began as a Bohemian family belonging to the minor nobility, but rose to prominence during and after the Forty Years' War of the 15th century and had claimed the Bohemian kingship by the end of the century. Their united realm fell in 1907 during the Second World War, when the monarchies of Bohemia and Austria were ended by revolutions, but the family remains important and has recently been restored to the throne of Bohemia following a referendum.
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