Holy Roman Empire
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Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) CoA of the HRE
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt
Latin, German, Italian
  others Czech, Dutch, Frisian, French, Slovene, Sorbian, Polish
Roman Catholicism
  others Lutheranism (officially recognized since the Peace of Augsburg 1555)
Calvinism (officially recognized since the Peace of Westphalia 1648)
Demonym Holy Roman
Government Theocratic, Elective monarchy
  legislature Grand Council
Emperor Karl von Habsburg
  Royal house: Habsburg-Lorraine
Currency Austrian schilling
Deutsche mark
Luxembourg franc

The Holy Roman Empire (Latin: Imperium Romanum Sacrum, German: Heiliges Römisches Reich, Italian: Sacro Romano Impero, Czech: Svatá říše římská, Slovene: Sveto rimsko cesarstvo, Dutch: Heilige Roomse Rijk, French: Saint-Empire romain germanique) is a political union of territories in central Europe functioning as a military alliance.



State Capital
Kingdoms (Königreiche)
CV Flag of Austria 1920-1941 Austria (Österreich) Vienna
Flag of Bavaria (striped) Bavaria (Bayern) Munich
Flag of Saxony Saxony (Sachsen) Dresden
Flagge Königreich Württemberg Württemberg Stuttgart
TeutonicOrderFlag Teutonic Order (Ordensstaat) Königsberg
Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio) Germany (Deutschland) Berlin
Grand duchies (Großherzogtümer)
Flagge Großherzogtum Baden (1891-1918) Baden Karlsruhe
Flag of Hesse Hesse (Hessen) Darmstadt
Flagge Großherzogtümer Mecklenburg Mecklenburg-Schwerin Schwerin
Flagge Großherzogtümer Mecklenburg Mecklenburg-Strelitz Neustrelitz
Civil flag of Oldenburg Oldenburg Oldenburg
SaxeEisenach Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach) Weimar
Duchies (Herzogtümer)
Flag of Anhalt (The Kalmar Union).svg Anhalt Dessau
Flagge Herzogtum Braunschweig Brunswick (Braunschweig) Braunschweig
Flagge Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (1826-1911) Saxe-Altenburg (Sachsen-Altenburg) Altenburg
Flagge Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (1911-1920) Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) Coburg
600px-Saxe- Meiningen Saxe-Meiningen (Sachsen-Meiningen) Meiningen
Provinz Pommern flag Pomerania (Herzogtum Pommern) Szczecin
Principalities (Fürstentümer)
Flag of Lippe (1815-1880) Lippe Detmold
Flagge Fürstentum Reuß jüngere Linie Reuss, junior line Gera
Flagge Fürstentum Reuß ältere Linie Reuss, senior line Greiz
Schaumburg-Lippe Schaumburg-Lippe Bückeburg
Flagge Fürstentümer Schwarzburg Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt
Flagge Fürstentümer Schwarzburg Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Sondershausen
Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio) Waldeck-Pyrmont Arolsen
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Vaduz
Free Hanseatic cities (Freie Hansestädte)
Flag of Bremen Bremen
Flag of Hamburg Hamburg
Poland Flag Lübeck
Flag of Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg


  • Bohemia
  • Malta
  • Venice
  • Confederation of the Baltics
  • Ingria
  • Livonian Confederation
  • Netherlands


Resolution 001

Proposal: An official non aggression pact between all nations of the Holy Roman Empire. Pros: Increased unity and stability Cons: None

Result: Unanimously passed by all members.

Resolution 002

Following the recent invasion of German territory, we propose that all nations of the HRE mobilize their forces immediately and declare war on Scandinavia.

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