In our world, Science and Technology is the most important factor of modern life whilst the idea of magic has mainly been left behind. However, what if this wasn't the case?

Heavily inspired by Sundered Veil.


Magic exists.


Key: 0 AR = 845 CE

Before Ragnarok

Discovery Period

1800s BR: Magic is discovered. Chinese thinking and beliefs are spread throughout Asia through pacifist use of magic. Confucianism becomes the most popular religion for hundreds of years.

1700s BR: Judaism is founded. Magic is ignored by Judaism except for a exceptions.

Late 1700s BR: Mayan Civilisation rises.

Early 1600s BR: Mayan Civilisation creates many new types of magic.

1600s BR: Celtic People are united under the Gaelic Empire. The empire is similar to, what today is, a commonwealth with areas being ran The empire's beliefs and magic focus on typical Celtic beliefs. Stonehenge becomes a religious centre for the Gaelic people.

Expansion Period

1251 BR: Han Dynasty rises from the ashes of the Qin Dynasty.

1000s BR: Han Dynasty conquers more than they did in OTL by wielding Chinese magic.

810s BR: Jesus Christ is killed.

810s BR: Orthodox Church is founded.

700s BR: Many denominations of Christianity is founded. The religion embraces magic, believing it is a gift from God.

620s BR: Han Dynasty Civil War is started but quickly resolved as Cao Wei had more powerful magic.

600s BR: Chinese Stele are built in the Han Dynasty as a source of magic.

515 BR: Holy Byzantine Empire is founded.

400s BR: People from the Germanic area of the Gaelic Empire migrate to the British area.

389 BR: Collapse of Gaelic Empire.

382 BR: Frankish Empire is created in OTL France.

378 BR: Republic of Angleland is created in OTL England and Wales.

373 BR: Republic of Germania is created in OTL Germany.

369 BR: Gaelic Bloc is created containing the three nations of Germania, Angleland and the Frankish Empire

300s BR: First evidence of Aboriginal magic in Australia.

100s BR: Vikings start practising magic.

54 BR: Beginning of Viking invasion of Angleland.

World Map with borders (1 AR)

After Ragnarok

0 AR: Night of Ragnarok. Viking's warlocks attempt to get a hold up on the Angles and ends up bringing about a magical event called Ragnarok (named after the Viking end of the world).

Recovery Period

1 AR: Han Dynasty expands into northern Russia.

2 AR: Odinland is created on Odin Island.

4 AR: The first Dwarfish nation created, Norori, on Alviss Island.

7 AR: Byzantine-German War. The two nations battle over OTL Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

9 AR: Religious tensions between Germania and the Holy Byzantine Empire hit a breaking point because of the war and Germania becomes Norse Kingdom of Germania, embracing the Norse Religion.

World Map with border (11 AR)

10 AR: The rest of the Gaelic Bloc joins the Byzantine-German War on the side of Germania.

11 AR: Gaelic Bloc is victorious in the Byzantine-German War. Holy Byzantine Empire collapses forming the three nations of the New Roman Republic, the Hittite Confederation and the Olbian Republic.

12 AR: The Republic of David is created in OTL Israel, Jordan and Lebanon.

Second Expansion Period

12 AR: Norse Kingdom of Germania conquers Freyr Island.

13 AR: Norse Kingdom of Germania conquers Mani and Vanir Island.

13 AR: Angleland conquers Starkad, Skirnir and Domar Island

17 AR: Hittite Confederation embraces Judaism and befriends the Republic of David.

19 AR: Frankish Empire spreads to OTL Spain and Portugal.

23 AR: The first golem is created in the city of Jerusalem. Republic of David and the Hittite Republic embraces golemcraft.

Late 20s AR: Australian aboriginal tribes unite to become the Aboriginal States.

28 AR: First interaction between Han Dynasty and the European powers.

34 AR: The Frankish Empire sets up a puppet colony in OTL Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

35 AR: First interaction between Han Dynasty and the Mayan Empire.

World Map with borders (50 AR)

43 AR: Hittite Confederation changes it's flag to a star of David with it's old colours.

49 AR: Mayan Empire spreads to OTL Alaska.

52 AR: The New Roman Republic capital, Rome City, is burnt down. Different influential Romans blame different people. Some of the peoples who were blamed were Norse, Germans, Franks, Jews, etc.

Hostility Period

54 AR: The New Roman Republic collapses into four squabbling nations: Capitol Republic, Norse Roman Republic, Theocracy of Rome and Sper Republic.

55 AR: Mayan Empire and the Han Dynasty declare war.

56 AR: First use of mythical creatures in a war (Han-Mayan War).

58 AR: Norse Kingdom of Germania declares war on Angleland over disputes of Scandinavian islands. This begins the First Beast War.

59 AR: Creatures used in the Anglo-German War. Olbian Republic declare war on Norse Kingdom of Germania.

61 AR: Jewish Alliance declare war on the Theocracy of Rome for the theocracy's antisemitic views. Theocracy of Rome collapses after 3 months. It is conquered by the Capitol Republic.

62 AR: Frankish Empire declares war on Angleland.

64 AR: Angleland falls. The two kingdoms of Caledonia and Ogham are created.

65 AR: Norse Kingdom falls to the Olbian Republic which becomes Kingdom of Olbia.

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