Alternative History
Commonwealth of Hong Kong
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Language Chinese, English
Demonym Hongkonger
Monarch Queen Elizabeth II
Governor Donald Tsang
Area 1,104 km2

426 sq mi km²

Population 7,055,071 
Annexation to British Empire
  date 29 August 1842
Currency Hong Kong dollar

The hand-over Ceremony in 1997 was designed to provide the final stage of a gradual process of sovereignty change in the former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

However with this process having been conducted without any public consultation, the citizens of the former Crown Colony had commenced informal organisations in an attempt to encourage the new Chinese sponsored regime in the Territory to allow a full public suffrage referendum on Self Determination.

Many demonstrations were conducted annually, most on Tiananmen Square Commemoration Day. The year that the number of people at the rally reached 1.5 million people was the year in which the Chinese CCP government offered citizens of the Territory full voting ad representation in the newly established Legislative Assembly and the upper house Legislative Council (Legco).

The Adavnce Hong Kong Party won a stunning 75% of the seats in both houses, providing it with the opportunity to commence work on its Legislative Program for the Territory. This program included re-joining the British Commonwealth of Nations as a former colony, despite Chinese government protest.

On the insistance of the Chinese Government, the newy elected Hong Kong administration placed the proposal to the Citizens in a Referendum. The key to note is that Hong Kong would remain part of China, but to recognise its history as a long standing member of the Commonwealth of Nations and formerly as part of the Bristish Empire, for which may of its citizens fought for in various wars in the previous 200 years.

The results showed a 91% vote in FAVOUR of the resolution, paving the way for inclusion of Hong Kong as part of the Commonwealth group of nations.