On this page, editors of 1983DD, after careful consideration, leave personal biographies of themselves and/or loved ones who would have survived Doomsday. In the spirit of the timeline, the biographies should seek to place them where they would be today. It is also proper to put a memorial biography of those loved ones who survived but have since died in our timeline.

Photo Name Age BIO
Amanda Anderson 41 Amanda was driving to pick up her father, a project manager at the Owyhee Dam, when Doomsday struck. Seeing the mushroom cloud above Boise's city centre and hearing about Mountain Home on the radio, they got back to their house in Parma, where they had been living for the past few months. She eventually got a job as an intelligence analyst for the loose confederation of Malheur County and some surrounding locales, where she met her future husband Scott at a briefing. They married in 1993, and she has had three children with him (see below). She is currently serving as mayor of Nyssa.
Matthew Anderson 14 Born and raised in Cascadia to the chief of Nyssa's militia and a minor Cascadian politician, Matt dreams of helping to reunite the USA. However, his short term goals are to keep his math grades up and getting Mom to let him buy that CZ-75 he's been staring at hungrily through the plate glass of the pawn shop window.
Scott Anderson 44 Scott was driving home from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, when Doomsday struck (he was in the general vicinity of Bend). Quickly making it to his parents' house in Nyssa, OR, he and his high school buddies (plus the sheriff) quickly established order over the town. He rose to become commander of the militia. After the formation of Cascadia in 2000, he became commander of the riverine battalion of Cascadia's military, and established the Marine company attached to the unit. He currently owns a sports bar in Ontario, and serves as an elder at Nyssa Presbyterian Church. He has had three children with his wife Amanda: Matthew (aged 14), Craig (aged 11), and Elisabeth (aged 6).
Cayne Armand ? A Mormon of Acadian descent. He lives in Utah and is a veteran of the Spokane War. He is an outspoken supporter of Utah joining the North American Union.
Jerome "Jerry" Cohen 52 Born and raised in Brooklyn, Cohen was in Montauk celebrating his fiancée Rachael Lieberman's birthday (by coincidence, the same day as Doomsday) when Doomsday struck. The couple were stranded in what soon became the Long Island survivor state, and settled in Montauk, where they married later that year. Cohen found work as a tailor, and also became a minor local politician. He was present at the formation of the Outer Lands Association, as one of the representatives for Long Island. Recently he has expressed some interest in running for a higher political office. Cohen and his wife have a daughter, Alice (born 1984), and a son, Levi (born 1986).
Levi Cohen 24 Levi was born a few years after Doomsday, in the survivor state of Long Island. He grew up in Montauk, which had become a seedy refugee town, hearing tales of the pre-Doomsday world. After a few years of alternating between work as a tailor and work in the local Coast Guard, he has shown some interest in following in his father's footsteps and entering into politics.
Kevin Davies 28 As a child, Kevin survived Doomsday on Vancouver Island, later the Commonwealth of Victoria, eventually his love of comics led him to found Omega Level Comics, which eventually rose to be the largest publisher in Victoria.
Mark Henderson 20 Born seven years after Doomsday in the Republic of the Outer Banks, he is currently a part-time accountant, a dedicated member of the Local Democratic Party and aspires to take political office one day.
William Harrison 80 A farmer up until Doomsday, William is now King of East Britain. His career in politics began as a way of defending farmers' rights on the outskirts of the fledgling state. He rose in popularity until he became a prominent member of the National Council. In 2010, he was elected to the post of King.
Laura Henry 30 Both parents and the three year old Laura survived by taking shelter in the ICI Anhydrite mines (where her mother worked as a lab assistant) under the town of Billingham in a pre-existing nuclear bomb shelter. After coming out of the mines, Laura's father helped run his older brothers farm in the area around south of Guisborough. Laura is currently the assistant forester in the 750 acre Guisborough Forest, managing the woodland for building materials for the Kingdom of Cleveland.
Lisa MacDonald 52 Originally from Long Island, Lisa had recently moved to Strathroy to live at her beloved grandmother's farm. With her parents and siblings perishing back home, Lisa could do nothing but remain where she was. With the support of her grandmother and surviving family, she would become active in her family's farm (which would become vital for the local community). Today, Lisa is a well-known citizen of the city-state of London, as well as being among the wealthiest figures within the community.
JHenry Christmas 06 Henry Martin 58 Henry was putting his three children to bed the Sunday evening that the missiles brought the bombs that changed the world. His wife Debbie was in the midst of the evening shift at the county hospital. It would be days before the family was reunited. After order was restored though, the family continued, having moved to housing closer to the hospital. Henry joined the Piedmont Army as a chaplain in 1986, just before the Anderson-Toccoa War. After serving for 20 years, he is now pastor of a small Presbyterian Church in Greenville County.
Me 2014 (600x800) Patrick McColloch 40

Patrick and his family had barely managed to escape the destruction of Havelock, North Carolina. They settled in Beaufort, one of the founding townships of the Republic of the Outer Banks. Upon graduating from Outer Banks Community College, he went into public service. He was Sheriff of Beaufort for eight years during which he was also a hotel manager.

Kevin McGonagle 15 Both of his parents attended Iowa State University on Doomsday, just north of Des Moines. They survived the nuclear strikes and traveled east to Dubuque. Kevin was born in Dubuque, 12 years after Doomsday, and has lived there since.
Dustin McVicar 19 Dustin survived Doomsday because of the distance between Winnipeg and his rural Manitoba home. He is currently tending his family farm while attending classes at a local Bible college. He has plans of following his father as Prime Minister of Assiniboia, and is the favored candidate for the 2012 election.
Bruce McVicar 56 Bruce survived Doomsday fairly easily in the mostly rural province of Saskatchewan. Doomsday had the rather positive effect of making Bruce kick his drug habits. In the years following Doomsday, he was instrumental in organizing the survivors of Saskatchewan and Alberta into a provisional Canadian government. He became semi-retired following Provisional Canada's entry into the North American Union. After the North American Union made contact with Assiniboia, he was chosen as the first Ambassador to the country.
Linda Mumby 49 Linda survived in rural Lincolnshire. She looked after her parents and siblings until 1989, when she married a local construction worker. She now has two children and is a teacher. Since April 2010 she is second in line for the throne of East Britain, because her father is king.
Vlado Ostojić 19 Since Vlado was born eight years after Doomsday, he hadn't experienced the greater hardships of the nuclear war like his older sister and parents. Having a doctor for a mother and his father being a director in a construction company, he has led a life of leisure. He is currently serving his six week compulsory military conscription and is planning on studying linguistics and dreaming of a career in foreign affairs. He currently lives in Zagreb, Croatia.
Marc Pasquin 35 As a child, he survived the strike on Montreal. Becoming refugees, Marc and his family later settled in Saguenay.
Alan Sanchez 49 Alan was stationed in Fort Knox during Doomsday and managed to survive the following madness. Isolated from his entire family, he was forced to believe that his family was dead and focused on his military career; attaining the rank of Colonel by 2002. He retired and now owns a small farm in the Kentucky-occupied corner of Ohio, which eventually transformed to a small farming community of several dozen people, but has plans to move to the Republic of South Florida where his sister and possibly other family members survived.
Ian Singleton 72 Ian survived doomsday by being on a container ship in the Red Sea. After finding out about Doomsday, he and his fellow crewmen were interned in Masawa, when they stopped for fuel. He had been due to be executed by Eritrean rebels, but was rescued by Ethiopian Army soldiers and taken to the border with Ethiopia. Today he runs a shipbuilding company located in the same city and owns a house in Ethiopia.
Matthew Tuck 17 Having been born ten years after Doomsday, he avoided the direct hardships of a nuclear war, but living in post-DD New Britain wasn't easy. Currently, he is studying medicine in university with the intent of becoming a doctor or medical officer in the Navy.
John Tuck 47 Having been on the Isle of Wight during Doomsday, he was evacuated to New Britain with his wife, where they later had a son. Currently, he is a teacher and active member of the New British Labour Party.
Odell Washington 18

Johnathan Smith

48 Johnathan Smith claimed to have survived Doomsday, but never stated where he came from. Currently working as a software developer in Hawaii.
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