Alternative History

Hope of the World is an alternate timeline created by ThatDudeRightHere. It has several points of divergence, as shown below. A focus of this is preservation of cultures that came to an end in OTL.

Currently, this timeline is in a mainly abandoned state, but I'll keep trying to work on it under a different name, and I'll also keep updating it.

Differences between our timeline

There are multiple differences in this timeline that make it distinct from OTL, such as WWI ending in a stalemate, the Russian colony in Djibouti known as Sagallo being more successful, and the Republic of California never joining the U.S.

Editing Rules

We only have five major editing rules:

  1. Be plausible and consistent with stuff from the timeline. That means no adding things that contradict what happens this ATL.
  2. No aliens, magic, or other unrealistic stuff.
  3. Don't add alternate geographies to here, such as fictional continents, fictional islands, or alternate climates (ex. the Sahara being Green or the Arctic being dry).
  4. Please try not to convert monarchies to republics and vice-versa.
  5. No nation wanks, which are nations that have been exaggerated, expanded or otherwise generally overpowered to the point of absurdity.