Alternative History

These are the conflict zones of the Cold War Intensification timeline.


Eastern Africa[]

Somalia is in chaos now, and its chaos has spread to other countries. The tribal warfare has led to more tensions in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea. Joint South African-UN troops have been trying to bring peace to the region unsuccessfully. Uganda and Tanzania have also been trying to control the chaos inside their borders, but already Uganda has erupted in chaos. Currently, there are quite a few contributors to the 95,000 peacekeeper force:

Eurasian Pact

USSR: 35,000

Yugoslavia: 1000

China: 5000

Japan: 1000

Poland: 5000

Sweden: 3000

North Italy: 2500

South Germany: 2500

Turkey: 5000


South Africa: 5000

India: 10,000

Iran: 5000

Canada: 5000

UK: 2000

France: 1000

Spain: 1000

Other: 1000