House of Bruce
Royal coat of arms of Scotland.svg
Royal Coat of Arms of the House of Bruce.
Country Celtic Confederacy, Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of Wales, Kingdom of Arles, Duchy of Burgundy, Duchy of Auvergne
Titles Ameraudur, King, Duke
Ethnicity Scottish, Welsh, Burgundian-Arlesian, Picard
Cadet branches House of Bruce-Gwynedd, House of Bruce-Auvergne, House of Bruce-Picardy

The House of Bruce is a leading Scottish dynasty, several Kings of Scotland are descended from them, also the Kings of Eiru (Ireland), the Kings of Arles, the Dukes of Gwynedd, the Dukes of Burgundy, the Dukes of Auvergne and the Counts of Boulogne. As a result of their marriages, they managed to form a composite state, much like the Angevin Empire of the old, the Auvergnat Empire.


Rise and Fall

The House of Bruce, having been one of the most prominent dynasties in the Kingdom of Scotland, seized their rightful throne as Robert I “The Bruce” murdered King John I Balliol. Sadly Robert I lost to King Edward I Longshanks his throne and his life in the First Scottish War of Independence and was replaced by the English puppet later to be known as “King John II” of House Hastings.

Rebirth and Second Downfall

The King John III was (like his father King John II) a English Puppet, but the Scottish nobility under the brave leadership of Edward Bruce, brother of late King Robert fueled by fraternal desire for vengeance deposed John III Balliol and once more The House of Bruce ascended to the throne of Scotland. After having lived a full and happy life and having lead Scotland for 18 years, Edward's son, Robert Bruce gave up the ghost at the age of 53 and his son David Bruce (Later dubbed “The Deprived”) took over, sadly the English replaced him in the Fourth War of Independence with aforementioned King Edward I of Balliol.

David’s Redemption

After 23 years of Edward I, David Bruce and his band of allies and warriors waged the Fifth War of Independence which overthrew Edward I and reinstated David (Now dubbed “The Liberator") II.

Welsh War of Independence

David’s son Robert II Bruce was instrumental in the Welsh War of Independence, practically leading the Welsh Coalition, he also improved the Celtic Confederacy rising to the office of Ameraudur of the Celts.

In the aftermath of the Welsh War of Independence, four years after its conclusion, in a shocking announcement King Robert resigned after having ruled Scotland for 30 years, leaving the nation to his son David III.

Scottish Houses Family Trees

14th century, main line

15th century, main line

  • David III Bruce, King of Scotland, Duke of Auvergne and Count of Boulogne (1373-?) (King 1408-1425, Duke and Count since 1404-1425) x Joan II, Queen of Scotland, Duchess of Auvergne and Countess of Boulogne (1378-1424) (Queen 1408-1424, Duchess of Auvergne and Countess of Boulogne 1404-1424)
    • Edward III of Bruce-Auvergne, King of Scotland, Duke of Burgundy and Auvergne (1395-1475) (King 1425-1475, Duke and Count 1432-1475) x Duchess Anne I of Burgundy-Valois, Queen of Scotland, Duchess of Burgundy and Auvergne (1414-1475) (Queen of Scotland and Duchess of Auvergne 1428-1475, Duchess of Burgundy 1432-1475)
      • Robert III of Bruce, King of Scotland (1435-1497) (King 1475-1497) x Eleanor of York (1435-1507)
        • Edward IV Bruce, King of Scotland (1471-1535) (King 1497-1535) x Isabella of Habsburg (b. 1474)
          • Fiona (Fionnghal) Bruce (b. 1497)
          • Kenneth IV Bruce, King of Scotland (b. 1500) (King since 1535) x Constance of York (1503-1533)
            • David IV Bruce (b. 1527)
            • Catriona Bruce (b. 1529)
          • Mary (Màiri) Bruce (b. 1503)
          • Duncan Bruce (b. 1504) x Guðhilde Guðmundrssdottir of Vinland (b. 1496)
        • Anne Bruce (b. 1473) x Edmund Courtenay, 1st Duke of Warwick (b. 1474)
        • Sérlait Bruce (1474-1536) x John VII, Duke of Brittany (of Albret) (1469-1516)
          • John VIII, Duke of Brittany (of Albret) (1496-~1528)
          • Bonne of Albret (b. 1500)
          • Edward of Albret (b. 1502)
      • James of Bruce-Auvergne, Duke of Burgundy and Auvergne (1448-1485) (Dual Duke 1475-1485) x Aline of Anjou-Lenzburg, Queen of Arles (b. 1461)
        • Lucas the Younger of Bruce-Auvergne, King of Arles, Duke of Burgundy and Auvergne (1475-Present) (King since 1497, (Dual) Duke since 1485) x
      • Caitrìona Bruce-Auvergne of Scotland (1395-?) (Crusader Queen 1403-1432) x King Sigismund of Tripolitania (1381-?) (Crusader King 1403-1432)
        • Prince John Premyslid (1414-?; never crowned) (Pretender to the Kingdom of Tripolitania)
        • Princess Elizabeth Premyslid (1416-?)
        • Prince Alexander Premyslid (1421-?)
    • Alana of House Bruce-Auvergne (1399-1463)

15th century, Gwyneddian line

  • Duke William of House Bruce-Auvergne (1377-?) (Duke 1404-1428) x Duchess Katherine ferch Owain (Lawgoch) of Gwynedd (1377-?) (Duchess 1404-1432)
    • Duke Alasdair Bruce-Auvergne of Gwynedd (1393-1466) (Duke 1432-1466) x Unnamed woman
      • Duke Cadfael ap Alisdair (Bruce-Auvergne) of Gwynedd (1429-1497) (Duke 1466-1497) x Unnamed woman (First wife) x Viscountess Anne Neville of the Isles of Scilly (Viscountess since 1489) (Second wife)
        • Duke Myrddin (Merlin) ap Cadfael (Bruce-Auvergne) of Gwynedd (b. 1456) (Duke since 1497) x Catherine of House Wales-York (b. 1465)
          • Cadfael ap Myrddin of Gwynedd (b. 1480) x Catherine von Habsburg (b. 1480)
            • Myrddin (Merlin) ap Cadfael (Bruce) of Gwynedd (b. 1497)
            • Teleri ferch Cadfael (Bruce) of Gwynedd (b. 1497)
        • Gwenhwyfar [Guinevere] ap Cadfael (Bruce) of Gwynedd (b. 1469) x Lionel of York-Wales (b. 1464)
          • Liliwen ferch Lionel of Bruce-York (b. 1493)
          • Llywelyn ap Lionel of Bruce-York (b. 1496)
          • Dwynwen ferch Lionel of Bruce-York (b. 1498)
        • Rhiannon ferch Cadfael (Bruce) (b. 1474) x Prince Michael Joseph "An Gof" of Cornwall (b. 1468) (Duke since 1498)
          • Jowan mabp Michael (An Gof) (b.1498)
          • Emblyn ferch Michael (An Gof) (b.1498)
    • Peanaid Bruce (1403-?)

15th century, Picardian line

  • Alison Bruce of Scotland (1374-?) x Waleran III of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny and Saint-Pol (1355-1415) (Count of Ligny and Saint-Pol 1371-1415)
    • Guy of House Luxemburg-Bruce (1397-?)
    • Mahaut of House Luxemburg-Bruce (1401-?)
    • John of House Luxemburg-Bruce (1404-?)
  • Isabel Bruce of Scotland (1373-?) x Louis d'Évreux, Count of Étampes, Gien, Eu and Guînes (1336-1409) (Count of Étampes and Gien 1336-1409 and Count of Eu since 1371-1409)
    • Charles of House d'Évreux-Bruce, Count of Étampes (1395-?)
    • Maria of House d'Évreux-Bruce, Countess of Guînes (1395-?) x Sir William Wallace, Count of Guînes (1381-1462) (King 1408-1425, Duke and Count since 1404-1425)
      • Malcolm d'Évreux-Wallace (1411-?)
    • Philip of House d'Évreux-Bruce, Count of Eu (1397-?)
    • John of House d'Évreux-Bruce, Count of Gien (1399-?)

15th century, Jan Mayen line

  • Sophie Bruce of Scotland (1377-?) x Geir Prince of Jan Mayen (1367-?)
    • Iona Bruce (1397-?)
    • Duncan Bruce (1401-?)

15th century, Geneva line

15th century, Portugal line

  • Triss Merigold (b. 1365) x King Peter-Ferdinando I of Portugal (b. 1387 – 1407)
    • Duarte of Portugal (1389-1392)
    • Queen Círi II (Triss) of Portugal (1397-1432) (Queen 1423-1432) x Domnhall Sturlungur
      • King Peter III of Portugal (b. 1424) (King since 1432)
    • Queen Círi I of Portugal (1402-1423) (Queen 1407-1423) x Domnhall Sturlungur
      • Adalberto of Portugal (illegitimate)
    • Louis d'Auvergne (b.1412)
    • Agnes d'Auvergne (b.1412)

15th century, Örebro line

  • Margaret Bruce, Queen of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, ruler of the (1371-?) x Birger Bjelbo, King of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, ruler of the Örebro Union (1374-1405) (First betrothed to his older brother, Olaf Bjelbo (1370-1387), married Birger after his untimely passing) (Birger passed away, Margaret remarried) x Boguslaw "Eric" of Pomerania King of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, ruler of the Örebro Union (~1381 or 1382-1409)
    • Nameless infant (1393) (died a few days later)
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